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professional pcb connection plating for import Rocket PCB

professional pcb connection plating for import Rocket PCB

Professional pcb connection plating for import Rocket PCB

Gold Finger PCB, long-short finger PCB, staged gold finger PCB
Board thickness:
Surface treatment:
Immersion Gold,Plated Gold
Long-short gold finger, gold plating, electroplated finger
UL Consumer (Wear, Electronic Digital, Household Appliances, Connectors)/Industrial Control/Automobile TS16949/Medical/Server, Cloud Computing & Base Station/Aviation/Military/Communication (Certification in Related Applications)
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Company Advantages
1. Rocket PCB pcb connection flexibly adopts elements of design to create visual beauty. Seams, tucks, darts, pleats, hemlines, panels are some of the elements could be incorporated while constructing this product. It reduces the component welding points and is possible in the reduction of the failure rate
2. The use of this product means saving time and labor costs. Thanks to its high efficiency, it can quickly finish tasks that people can not do. The product allows a high density among components
3. Other features that are characteristic to this mattress include its allergy-free fabrics. The materials and the dye are totally non-toxic and will not cause allergies. The electronic components and their polarities on it are clearly labeled
About our product

Rocket PCB provides gold finger PCB, long-short gold finger PCB, staged gold finger PCB fabrication. Gold finger PCB put forward higher requirements for the manufacturing technology. If you don't have enough experience, it is easy to cause bad problems such as blackening, whitening, contamination,lateral erosion, scratch and other problems.

Rocket PCB has extensive experience in this field and have accumulated many years of processing experience. Through process optimization, improve film alignment, liquid concentration control, plating parameters and other links of optimization. Our gold finger quality fully meet customer requirements, won customer appreciation.

Why design gold finger

A unique PCBA needs to be interconnected with the motherboard, but it also needs to be easily replaced. Design a gold finger connected to socket, similar to the relationship between the power plug and socket.Because gold has good conductivity, inertia is strong, it can ensure the conductive effect while not oxidizing, at the same time, it can also ensure good enough conductivity after frequent insertion because gold is wear-resistant.

Generally speaking, the golden finger means that these fingers are plated with 5-30u”hard gold. Hard gold has better wear resistance, and can be guaranteed 20,000 times insertion without affecting the quality, it must be more than 5u”thick. However, the processing technology of hard gold is relatively complex, and the high thickness of gold consumes more gold salt, which directly results in high cost. In fact, many PCBs do not need frequent insertion, do not need to do thick gold, or even do not do hard gold, directly do immersion gold replacement (soft gold, gold thickness is generally 1-3 u”). It can effectively reduce the purchase price of PCB.

Some common applications of golden fingers are:

  • ◪   Provide interconnection points for transmitting network data.

  • ◪   Where a sub-board or dedicated adapter is attached

  • ◪   Connect external components to the prototype PCB

  • Use as an audio adapter

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professional pcb connection plating for import Rocket PCB-2

Elctroplate process

ENIG: ENIG is more cost-effective and easier to solder than the electric gold plating. But its soft and thin (usually 2-5u ")composition makes the ENIG unsuitable for achieving the abrasion effect caused by the circuit board insertion and removal.
Electroplated Hard gold: This gold is solid (hard) and thick (usually 30u "), so it is more ideal for achieving the abrasive effects caused by constant PCB usage. 

There are many meticulous steps involved in the process of plating gold fingers. To ensure that all of these fingers and slots fit, each PCB must pass a series of inspections and defect tests.   


professional pcb connection plating for import Rocket PCB-3

Standard gold finger:Gold fingers are of equal length.
Staged gold finger PCB :The etching pattern of the golden finger position needs to be realized by multiple film pasting, exposure and solder masking. The position and pattern need to be strictly and accurately controlled.
Long-short gold finger PCB:Its process is similar to the staged gold finger, which requires multiple exposure and electroplating to obtain the graphics of the long- short gold finger and  requires the following design rules: plated holes, SMD and pads should not be placed within 1.0 millimeters of the gold finger; plated pads cannot exceed 40 millimeters in length.

As more and more technologies rely on gold fingers, it is vital that we have them plated and tested to meet the highest standard and to ensure the highest performance. Rocket PCB provides the PCB with the highest quality for customers from different industries with our extensive experience.

Staged gold finger production demo           

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Key dimensions control

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Product compare

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Our advantages and services

  •   24 hour real-time technical support

  •   Quick turnaround with 24 hours and instant quote

  •   Effective and flexible PCB engineering solutions save your cost

  •   State-of-the-art PCB including rigid, FPC, rigid-flex, metal base, RF/microwave, hybrid, HDI, embedded, LED, backplane, ceramic substrate, IC substrate

  •   Strong partnerships with different reputed material suppliers such as  Rogers, Arlon, Nelco and Taconic can realize a fast service to a wide range of PCB applications

  •   Superb quality are guaranteed under the ISO9001, ISO14001, TS16949, OHSAS18001, ISO/IEC27001 system, insist on adopting 5S methods, Lean Six Sigma quality systems

  •   Complete service from free DFM, traceable manufacturing to complete after-sales service

  •   On time delivery more than 99%

Product application

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Consumer electronics
professional pcb connection plating for import Rocket PCB-8                
Automotive electronics
professional pcb connection plating for import Rocket PCB-9                
professional pcb connection plating for import Rocket PCB-10                
professional pcb connection plating for import Rocket PCB-11                
Industrial & Instrumentation
professional pcb connection plating for import Rocket PCB-12                
IOT/Smart Home
professional pcb connection plating for import Rocket PCB-13                
Medical electronics
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Security Industry

Company Features
1. We have developed multi-channel sales modes at home and abroad. In recent years, we slowly expand our export business on the basis of domestic sales, and now we have won the trust of many clients in overseas markets.
2. We believe environmental sustainability is critical for economies. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and designing our products to minimize waste - these important actions are factored into every aspect of our business. Ask online!
Rocket PCB gold column is of scientific design. Its design can be defined as an arrangement of lines, shape, colors, and texture that create a visual image. The principles of design are the rates that govern how elements are combined. After being treated by it, the metal can maintain its original color
Rocket PCB pcb connection is of flexible design. It is completely customizable on everything from the shape and size to the wrap and messaging. By using it, the performance of the wear resistance of the metal can be improved
Rocket PCB gold column is fabricated by complying with an array of regulatory and standards. They include electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and the chemical composition of materials. The metal surface treated by it won't be destroyed after welding, plating, or painting
In the production process, 品牌名称] pcb connection is strictly inspected. It has been scrutinized in terms of color shading, colorfastness, fabric weight, seam slippage, etc. It is widely used in cosmetics, plastics, chemicals, military, and other industries
Advanced inspection measures are used in the production of Rocket PCB pcb connection, such as coordinate measuring machine, gauges, roughness tester, and hardness tester. It provides perfect anti-rust effect for the metal materials
The quality control is carefully carried out throughout the entire product production cycle. It provides perfect anti-rust effect for the metal materials
With superior craftsmanship, Rocket PCB ensures the quality of this product. The product has no corrosion to the processing equipment
The product has to be scrutinized by our professional quality inspection team before delivery to ensure that it meets highest standards of reliability and quality. It provides perfect anti-rust effect for the metal materials
The product is featured by fine finish, durability and optimal performance. It has a relatively stable chemical property
Our QC team sets up a professional inspection method to effectively control its quality. It produces no irritating gas during surface treatment
It is mature sales network that Rocket PCB has been more famous than before at home and abroad. It can improve the oxidation resistance and corrosion resistance of the metal surface
The advance technology of Rocket PCB allows customers to enjoy the high performance of gold column. The metal surface treated by it won't be destroyed after welding, plating, or painting
When speaking of gold column, it is known as high quality. The product is guaranteed to have high purity
Complete gold column test machine provides strong assurance for the stable quality. It is mainly used for metal surface treatment, the process of which is environmentally friendly
Rocket PCB Solution Ltd. has carried out industrialization for its patent and technology. It is non-combustible and non-explosive, which is safe to use
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