\'Made in India\' phones to have locally assembled circuit boards: Xiaomi

by:Rocket PCB     2019-09-16
Smartphone maker Xiaomi said today that its Indian-made phones will assemble printed circuit boards (PCB) locally in the third quarter of this year, and China hopes to further enhance its manufacturing capacity in the country.
Smartphone makers said today that by the third quarter of this year, their \"Made in India\" phones will assemble printed circuit boards (PCB) locally, as it hopes to further improve its manufacturing capacity in the country.
\"We have started to manufacture PCBs in India. . .
The goal is to have 100 of the equipment manufactured in India assembled or manufactured PCBs locally by the third quarter (July-
On September), Manu Jain, vice president of Xiaomi and managing director of India, told PTI.
Recently, in cooperation with Foxconn, a new PCB (mobile phone motherboard) Assembly Unit was established in Sriperumbudur. PCBs --
An important part of the phone-
A large part of the cost of mobile phone manufacturing.
Some companies are considering producing PCBs locally in the country, especially after the government imposed a 10 per cent import tax on some key smartphone components earlier this year, including densely populated PCBs.
Xiaomi previously owned two smartphone manufacturing plants in India, and recently added three more in Sri Lanka City, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.
Jain said the company focuses on four key areas in India, including strengthening after-sales service, ensuring high quality products and increasing the supply of equipment.
\"We want to launch fewer products than other brands, but do a good job in this area.
\"We strive to ensure that customers get high-quality products at affordable prices and fulfill our commitment to keep the hardware\'s net profit margin at less than 5 cents,\" he said . \".
Xiaomi is ahead of the Indian market in terms of shipments (according to data from research companies such as IDC), and today also launched the latest \"autonomous\" mobile phone --
2. the price is RS 9,999.
The phone will be available through Amazon and Xiaomi.
Com and the company\'s Mi Home store in June 12.
In addition to other features, it also includes an AI front camera.
We launched our first selfie phone. Y1 -
In last November, it was already one of the best sellers of this category, but we didn\'t spend a lot of money on marketing.
\"We expect this device to continue to maintain this momentum,\" he said . \".
The company also announced the availability of its updated operating systemMIUI 10 -in India.
The Beta version will be available on various devices later this month.
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