iit ropar researcher invents pen-sized pocket inverter

by:Rocket PCB     2019-09-15
Pattiara: Researchers at IIT Ropar have invented a pocket inverter that is almost equal to the size of the pen.
Researchers claim that the cost of the inverter is about Rs.
5000, four times cheaper than any commercial inverter.
Compact inverters are suitable for UPS, electric vehicles, and renewable energy power conversion applications because of the increasing harmful effects of pollution and natural resource depletion, the demand for power generation and pollution using renewable energy-
Free electric vehicle technology is the need of the times.
Designed with a size of 14 × 5 cm, the inverter is a 4KVA inverter capable of driving up to 5HP field machines.
The researchers claim that if compared to this pocket
The size inverter can provide four times more power than the domestic VPS inverter.
The inverter used at home can be converted and powered up to 1, the researchers said.
1 KV, while this new compact design is capable of providing power up to 4 KV.
For two layers of PCB (
Printed circuit board)
The components hold both sides of the board.
By minimizing the use of isolated power supplies for one and related drive circuits, making it a pocket with a compact designsized inverter.
\"The battery must be connected in a similar way to other inverters.
However, our new design
The power of a medium-sized inverter is four times that of a household inverter.
People can carry this small inverter with a rated current of up to 10 Am Perez while the vehicle is driving and can convert the power of the battery from DC to AC.
Now, the commercial three inverters of the day are large in size and complex in design, suitable for small and medium voltage applications, because the power supply needs to be isolated to drive the inverter switch. In three-
Phase inverter it requires six switches, of which six isolated power supplies and six different drive circuits are required to control the output of the inverter that supplies power to the load, \"said Dr.
AV Ravi Teja, assistant professor, electrical engineering department, IIT Ropar.
The study was conducted at the Institute by AV Ravi Teja and his doctoral scholars Ashwani Kumar Rana and Muddasani Satyanarayana.
Professor Teja added, \"so far, we have tested the inverter in the open-loop design using FPGA (
Field Programmable Gate Array)
A satisfactory result was obtained.
The cost of the inverter is about Rs. 5000 /-
It is 4 times cheaper than any commercial inverter on the market.
It is useful for UPS, electric vehicles, and renewable energy power conversion applications because the harmful effects of pollution and natural resource consumption are increasing, the use of renewable energy for power generation, and the demand for pollution --
Free electric car technology.
Most renewable energy systems are connected to the grid via a voltage source inverter.
We have also obtained the design of this inverter patent.
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