going once, going twice...$161,600 for that apple computer?

by:Rocket PCB     2019-08-30
If you\'re a gadget geek with spare change
Make a lot of extra changes.
This is a great opportunity to indulge.
The first Apple computer later this month
Including a letter signed by Apple Inc.
CEO Steve Jobs to the original owner-
It will be auctioned at a famous auction house in London.
Apple 1 -
Christie\'s $161,600 \"steal\" Christie\'s brochure describes the computer as a \"historical relic\", which I think is an accurate description from current technical standards.
If you don\'t remember, Apple-
Launched in 1,1976 with no case, power supply, keyboard or monitor.
Still, this is enough to make Apple a household name, as it is also the first personal computer with a fully assembled motherboard.
Back in those exciting days of the early PC era, most PCs were sold as their ownassembly kits.
According to the standards of that era, this is the consumer.
Friendship is emphasized.
Jobs and his colleagues
Founder Steve Wozniak pricing the first Apple
One computer for $666. 66.
The machines were shipped from Jobs\'s parents\' homes to customers.
All the parts are still in the original box, Christie\'s said.
The machine will be auctioned on November. 23.
The tender will start at $161,600.
Here is the description released by Christie\'s: News of the trend of Google Cloud service disruption1 --
Personal Computer. An Apple-
1 motherboard, number 82, print label to reverse, add some content later, including 6502 microprocessor labeled RCCL 2 p RCCL 2-
11 8145 printed circuit board with 4 rows-D and column 1-
18, 3 Capacitors, radiator, box board connector, 8 k byte RAM, keyboard interface, PROMS firmware, low level
All integrated circuits, video terminals, contour sockets on the breadboard area with a slightly later connector, and later reverse welding, wires and tape, printed to the front Apple Computer 1 Palo Alto. Ca. Copyright 1976. [With:]
The Apple cassette interface card, the black ink manuscript number is 2, the letter G in the triangle, and the black ink manuscript number is 2; Scotch C-
60 boxes with printed label \"basic; Apple-
1 box interface.
Palo Alto: Apple Computer Company (n. d. , but 1976).
2 The Crown fruit forms a long circle of 8 ° (140 x 216mm). [8pp. ]
Original company logo of Sir Isaac Newton under the apple tree, 2 charts, 1 completepage --Apple-
1 Operation Manual.
Palo Alto: Apple Computer Company (n. d. , but 1976). 4° (280 x 215mm)12pp.
8 circuit diagrams, 2 printed recto and verso on one folded sheet, one complete-page. (
The fold has a slight vertical crease and a slight pink ink mark on the edgepage diagram. )
The original printed wrapping paper is bound and packed with the original company logo, and the decorative border inside the back packaging (
Short fissure at the foot of the spine)--double-
Double-sided illustration advertising with price--
Original typing invoice for Apple
1 and Apple cassette interfaces totaled $741.
Date: 12/7/76, the salesman named Steven--
Undated typed letters sign \"steven job\" to the original owner on a page fold on the rules sheet-
Apple Technical Support expert John Fenwick signed a one-page letter on January 19, 1982.
All of this is included in the original shipping box, type the label on the upper cover, the \"fragment\" stamp in the red ink, the various shipping marks in the ink and the manuscript (
Rubbing of limbs, wear of wrapping tape, slightly stained but very fresh).
Source: Radio Electric City, Great Falls, Montana (
Shipping label to box, invoice address)--
Frank Anderson (
Great Falls, Montana, may be the original owner of The ECRS, letter from Apple technical support to him)--Keith Purdy (
Business card for Scotland Valley CA)--unknown owner (
Photo of the owner with Steve Wozniak, including the business card of Wozniak).
The first Apple computer and the first personal computer with complete assembly on the main board herald a revolution in home computers.
Apple launched in July 1976-
1 sold without housing, power supply, keyboard or display.
But because the motherboard is completely pre-
Assembled, it represents a big step forward compared to the competitive self
Assembly kit for the day. Priced at $666.
66, the first Apple
Sent one from Steve Jobs\'s parents\' garage-
Return address on the original package here.
How many apples are there-
1 s was sold but by April 1977 the price dropped to $475 and it was still sold in August 1977 despite the launch of the Apple II in April 1977 (
A big step forward in integrating keyboard, sound, plastic housing and eight internal expansion slots).
Officially discontinued by October 1977.
Original packaging, manuals, cassette interfaces and basic tapes, early documentation and provenance, and a business rare letter from Steve Jobs is an excellent example.
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