gary lamphier: former edmonton mayor booster bill is now bioneutra bill, and he\'s lovin\' it

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At the age of 80, when any of his peers were playing in the garden or sitting in their favorite chair, the hard-to-suppress sunny guy-the well-known helper
Bill Smith has completed the third and final term of Mayor Edmonton and chief cheerleaders for more than a decade.
But Smith\'s loss to Stephen Mandel melel\'s 2004 in the election paved the way for an unusual new career in biotechnology.
A year after leaving politics, Smith was appointed director and senior vice president.
Global president. The Edmonton-
Zhu Jianhua, CEO of the company, founded wasfoundin 2003, a primary biotechnology company with shares listed on the TSX Venture Exchange in December.
Patent of BioNeutra-
Protective food, vitamin fiber, isa starch-
Based on prebiotic fiber, low
Calorie food sweeteners that can be obtained in the form of syrup or powder.
It is used from baked goods and drinks to cereals, sweets, frozen desserts.
More and more sugaraverse, weight-
BioNeutra realized that healthy food loves the world and he thought that vitafiber might be the greatest thing since sliced bread.
\"Sugar is the elephant in the room these days,\" Smith said . \".
\"Of course, there are natural sweeteners on the market, but none of them have three ingredients we have: low
Calories and prebiotic fiber of natural sweet organic products.
Over the years, BioNeutra has invested about $15 million in product development.
At present, the company employs contract manufacturers in Indonesia and China to produce VitaFiber, which is mainly sold in the United States. S.
There are also some sales in Europe and Canada.
Zhu said revenue is expected to reach $25 million this year, more than double that of $12.
Revenue for the first three quarters of 2015 was 1 million.
He believes there will be even greater growth in the future, as this summer, once bioneutra\'s new manufacturing plant is launched two blocks north of Edmonton Research Park.
As you can expect, Smith\'s passion for BioNeutra and its flagship products echoes his role as the city\'s most avid cheerleader.
\"I didn\'t know anything about the company at first, but I thought it looked a bit interesting.
\"So I started with the board, and then I ended up as chairman of the board, and then I ended up working for them, and to be honest, it was an exciting company,\" Smith said . \". “Dr. Zhu (
PhD in biochemistry)
Not only as a scientist, but also raised initial capital and did a great job.
He has a vision, and after coming here from China, he has done it all by himself.
This is a wonderful story.
As for Zhu, his impressive academic career brought him to Edmonton in 1998, where he did after
The American doctorate in nutrition science has previously served as the Dean of chemistry at the University of Yokohama and South China University of Technology in Japan.
Once Zhu finished his research in the US, he worked at CV Technologies for a while.
The local biotech company was later renamed Afexa Life Sciences.
Popular cold and flu treatment drug fX was acquired in 2011 by Quebec biotech company giantValeant Pharma for $76 million.
Therefore, the first step facing BioNeutra is to increase the production of vitafiber once the company\'s new plant is put into production this summer.
BioNeutra acquired 47,000-square-
Last summer, the headquarters was also located in the foot building at about $7. 9 million.
Zhu said that it is expected to install new production equipment worth millions of dollars by August, and the company is expected to increase its staff by 25 to 30 to operate the facility.
\"Our goal this year is to earn about $25 million.
\"It may more than double next year,\" he said . \".
\"We are going to Thailand next month to set up another contract manufacturer.
We now have warehouses in New Jersey, Los Angeles, Amsterdam and the United States. K.
In addition, we have two contract manufacturers in Indonesia and China.
So we are a global company.
\"Although BioNeutra is currently only selling VitaFiber to food manufacturers, the company is negotiating with food retailers to launch consumer goods that will be put on shelves sometime in the future.
Although BioNeutra\'s shares are now listed on the risk Exchange, the company has no immediate plan to raise funds because it can pay for costs through internal cash flow.
Zhu said bioneutrao also plans to go public in Europe and China to raise its public profile.
\"Over the years, there have been more and more supporters.
\"We have a lot of shareholders now, but no one is selling their shares,\" Smith said . \".
\"They will hold them tight.
This is a real success story and thank God we got it in Edmonton.
\"In fact, he said, there was a mischievous glow in his eyes:\" I would say, this is the best city in the world, the best province, the most exciting company in the best country.
Yes, booster Bill hasn\'t changed at all.
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