exclusive: texas city says they were right to arrest \'clock boy\' ahmed mohamed for bomb hoax, despite his father filing suit accusing officials of violating his son\'s civil rights

by:Rocket PCB     2019-11-23
Irving, Texas, is fighting back against a lawsuit filed by Ahmed Mohammed\'s father, who was arrested for taking home
After his teacher asked if it was a bomb in September 2015, he made an alarm clock to the school.
The city said the arrest. 14-year-
Old Ahmed Mohammed
He was called a boy at the time-
Since the teenager does not obey his teacher, does not take the initiative when asking questions, and his equipment meets the criteria identified as a scam bomb, it is legal.
Ahmed\'s father Muhammad filed a federal lawsuit against the city of Irving, Texas, Irwin Independent School District accused them of violating his son\'s civil rights, how to say English? 14. Amendment to the right to equal treatment provided for by law.
He noted that a 2009 report found that,
American students face racial discrimination in the same school district.
On October 6, the city of Irving requested that the entire proceedings be thrown out of court.
The city claims that its priority is to protect the safety of its residents.
Children of the school.
According to court documents, the city accused Ahmed of repeatedly disobeying his teacher, who told him to put the equipment in his backpack.
It also accused him of showing and activating the device in class after being told not to, and eventually presented the invention to another teacher who confiscated the device.
The city\'s response said Ahmed\'s equipment had printed circuit boards, 9 volt batteries, wires, transmissions, timed display panels and alarm clocks.
The city said: \"Ahmed brought a device to the school, a scam bomb under the Texas criminal code.
For careful consideration, for the safety of school children and school personnel, Ahmed was detained for owning a prank bomb in the school.
After further investigation, all charges against Ahmed were further withdrawn, and the city said that the statement that Ahmed had been arrested without possible cause was incorrect.
The lawsuit says Ahmed was arrested for \"prank bomb.
\"The statutory definition of a prank bomb is a device that reasonably appears to be an explosive or combustion device, or, according to its design, causes any type of alarm or reaction from public safety agency officials.
\"Anyone who intentionally ships or owns a scam bomb with the intention of causing any kind of reaction is illegal in Texas.
The city said that Ahmed\'s device was in compliance with the statutory definition of a scam bomb, adding that it believed that Ahmed\'s actions indicated that he was not completely innocent and did not intend to cause a reaction from the alarm clock.
Although Ahmed and his equipment are not dangerous, the city believes that the police are fully entitled to arrest the teenager because of his actions.
In a lawsuit filed by Mohammed, the teenager\'s father detailed what he believed was true on the day his son was arrested.
Mohammed explained that his son inserted his clock and showed his teacher how the device worked.
She then asked if it was a bomb, which confused and surprised Ahmed.
He told the teacher that it was not a bomb, but an alarm clock.
Mohammed said he had brought many of his devices to the teacher over the years and no one answered whether it was a bomb or not.
The teacher held the alarm clock and said that she would stick to the end of the day.
She kept the clock for a few hours, did not give an alarm, did not evacuate the school, nor did she convene a bomb team.
Later that day, the police arrived at the school, pulled Ahmed out of the class and arrested him.
His father claimed that the officers pulled him down hard from the chair, and they pulled his arm up, so far behind him that his right hand
Ahmed was handcuffed, marched in front of the school with two police officers and put him in a police car.
The police then took him to the police station, where he was booked, including taking photos of his mug and fingerprints without the presence of his parents.
He accused the police of not being adequately trained, but the city claimed he had no evidence to back the claim.
The case of Mohamed requires compensation and punitive damages as well as legal fees.
Prior to the filing of the lawsuit, the family wrote a letter to the city of Owen advising them to be owed $15 million for treatment received by Ahmed.
The city of Irving has demanded that Mohammed\'s lawsuit be dismissed and that he not be given a penny to his family.
The incident caused a stir in the media, and President Obama even invited Ahmed to the White House.
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