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by:Rocket PCB     2019-11-15
When manufacturing electrical or mechanical products, the accuracy of production is essential.
If part of the process is poorly installed or too large, the product will not work and may pose a risk to the user.
How accurate it is to describe the product is tolerance. curriculum-key-
FactTolerance describes the product in /-mm.
Poorly assembled mechanical parts will have poor performance and may have very small tolerance measurements.
For example, chains or gears that are slightly larger or smaller than necessary are easily stuck and broken.
Printed circuit board (PCBs)
Need to be very accurate, any tolerance measurement may only be /-
1mm, stop touching any material and cause the circuit to stop working.
The resistance used in the circuit has tolerances related to the amount of power allowed to enter the circuit.
The smaller the Tolesrance, the less likely the circuit will be overloaded and damaged, but the more expensive the resistance will be.
The tolerance of the resistance is shown as the color of the fourth stripe, usually silver, or the value of the goldExampleA resistance is 1,500 Ω and the tolerance is /-10 per cent. 1,500 × 0.
1 = 150 tolerance range = 150 Ω on both sides of 1,500 Ω mark.
1,500 Ω 150 Ω = 1,350 Ω minimum 1,500 Ω-
150 Ω = 1,650 Ω maximum 22,000 Ω resistance tolerance is /-5 per cent.
What is the minimum and maximum value of this resistor?
The answer is 22,000x0.
05 = 1,100 on both sides of the 22,000 Ω mark. 22,000 -
1,100 = 20,900 Ω minimum22, 000 1,100 = 23,100 Ω maximum quality control during manufacturing, quality control (QC)
These can be checked: whether the pcb is accurately cut, whether the parts are connected, whether the shell is connected, and whether the edges on the casting are trimmedkey-
Quality Control (QC)
Is the inspection system throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that each step is completed with high standards.
While quality control checks can add to waste as defective products are thrown away, if a factory is known for its reliable high quality, then saving money in the long run by re-ordering products
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