Circuit board proofing need to pay attention to what problem

by:Rocket PCB     2020-05-25
PCB is short for printed circuit board, and before mass production in PCB circuit board proofing is small produce samples first for testing, it also answered questions about market what is a circuit board proofing. Many electronics manufacturers will find some professional circuit board proofing manufacturers to cooperate, so in the process of circuit board proofing need to pay attention to what? 1, must pay attention to the circuit board proofing number average company often need to make a batch of circuit board before mass production proofing to test, and this part also occupied the enterprise must actually cost, especially the large dosage of enterprises, the production of PCB circuit board type is large, then the circuit board proofing and test cost is very considerable. From this perspective, the enterprise should pay attention to in the process of circuit board proofing proofing, generally in 5 - proofing About 10 PCS. Some customers require 20 PCS, specific proofing number or according to customer's requirement. 2, to do a comprehensive electrical inspection after the circuit board proofing enterprises should thoroughly electrical inspection, to ensure that each function of screening circuit boards, every detail, this is the meaning of the circuit board proofing, is also the follow-up circuit board can be mass production and ensure very low failure rate guarantee. To do comprehensive electrical inspection, it is suggested that the delegate and proofing factory cooperation to carry out the screening is more rigorous test method. PCB/PCB proofing 3, make sure the device packaging has a specific effect on circuit boards welding chip encapsulation, and shields is in circuit board manufacturing process. In the process of circuit board proofing, the client should pays much attention to encapsulate the internal chip, if there is a wrong welding electronic components, in order to ensure the quality of circuit board proofing, and to verify the function of normal and subsequent further mass production. Of course, there are some signal integrity layout need to joint attention and solved, such as proofing need to be aware of problems but overall PCB is roughly the above items. Even though the market for PCB proofing what meaning is also a lot of questions, but as the personage inside course of study, the above problems well comprehensive screening and testing, is to ensure that the PCB sample quality and translated into the basis of the subsequent mass production, so, for circuit board proofing must be fully taken seriously.
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