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by:Rocket PCB     2020-06-20
Ahem, hot. In dongguan circuit board manufacturers monthly summary of production, a recent graduate of the college students described circuit board of the sublime, thorough taught many unclear, don't know, haven't heard of the crowd. Also make circuit board this keyword surged to a high peak. Circuit board ( PCB) Let me curious, never contact me after graduation from university. Saw ZKPCB in dongguan talent market for, are looking for, so to apply for the Rocket PCB factory, dongguan in the written examination, examination officer of a problem, let me never step into this society undergraduate formally entered the struggle of the youth. Exam officer's question is: what contemporary society is the most critical weather problems. My answer: green, environmental protection! ! Let me successfully entered the university work life! ! ! PCB circuit boards/circuit board came to the circuit board factory, live in collective dormitory. PCB PCB factories spacious dormitories, no school less squeamish, dormitory is an open WIFI, let me in the work have more time to learn more a part of the work. Reported to the factory, the cluster of factories and machines, also let me open horizon. Spluttered pa drilling rig to the speed of more than 1000 punch per minute, let me just step into society the people see the importance of automation equipment, artificial is completely can't do. Just contact with circuit boards, I was assigned to punch workshop, after two days of practice, a colleague told me that the machine has been abroad, then how much money a. Suddenly feel every day dealing with lawes routh levels of the drill! Shirley is not much you can think of! ! From campus life to social struggle, also is not used to it. But in PCB drilling room, let me know the circuit board ( PCB) The importance of. Before I never contact, never know the circuit board, circuit board is by my side always accompanied me. From laptop, air conditioning, the core of the cellphone is done with circuit board! ! I'm also a little surprised, why when they know me, I was a stranger to him. Into the circuit board factory, workers unity and mutual care, I'm learning ability is also constantly improving, thank you for company gave me a Rocket PCB circuit boards into the society, let me deeply understand the PCB circuit board is widely used in manufacturing. Let us together to learn more knowledge of PCB. Rocket PCB as a professional supplier of PCB circuit boards, focus on high-precision double-sided/multilayer circuit board production manufacturers, advanced HDI circuit boards, thick copper circuit boards, blind hole buried PCB proofing and small batch, high frequency circuit boards and PCB board production. In this paper, by the Rocket PCB - dongguan Drilling room offer.
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