Circuit board factory: teach you three read circuit diagram

by:Rocket PCB     2020-06-17
Under the premise of circuit board factory in the production of circuit boards need circuit diagrams, circuit diagram is refers to the said circuit is connected with a circuit component symbol figure. Circuit diagram is the need of people for the research, project planning, physical electrical standardized symbols are used to draw the relations between the components and devices of a representation of the principle of layout. By the working principle of the circuit diagram can be learned that between components for analysis of performance, electronic, electrical products provide a planning scheme. In circuit design, the engineer can easy on paper or on a computer, confirm the perfect before the actual installation. Through debugging improvement, bug fixes, until success. Using circuit simulation software aided design, virtual circuit experiment, engineers can be improved work efficiency and save time, make more intuitive physical diagram. Circuit board factory: teach you three read circuit diagram 1, according to from big to small, from coarse to fine in order to read all kinds of circuit diagram generally main circuit diagram of the machine or system block diagram circuit principle diagram, printed circuit board, plate, or system diagram and the plate a chart type, etc. USES and characteristics of the circuit diagram each have each, but there is another inner link. When read the circuit diagram, can according to from big to small, from coarse to fine in order to read. This order accords with the general law of people understand things, proved to be effective, can help beginners little take many detours. 2, according to the basic program can read circuit block diagram ( System, plate, or the whole machine) The whole circuit diagram there are several types, including composition block diagram is the foundation of other kinds of circuit diagram, is also the foundation of the read circuit diagram. Block diagram and the block diagram, hardware simplified block diagram in detail, such as plate composition block diagram and the system block diagram types. Sometimes, the reader information at hand is not complete, may not have the above all kinds of block diagram, or block diagram type is not complete, in order to accurately and thoroughly read the figure, the reader should draw reference composition block diagram. According to the basic circuit program, can draw the circuit block diagram. According to the principle of the whole circuit diagram the circuit of the program can draw the whole composition block diagram, according to the plate program can draw the circuit diagram of the circuit plate system composition block diagram, based on the system block diagram program can draw the circuit diagram of the circuit system. Circuit composition block diagram does not reflect the concrete structure of the circuit, mainly reflect the function of the circuit, signal transformation process, reflect the various circuit or circuit connection between each system, reflect the context of various kinds of signals. In fact, look at one of the important tasks of circuit diagram, is the study of the transmission signal contents, types, waveform and their transformation rule. Draw the block diagram of the process is understanding circuit of the practice, analysis is a practice stage of the circuit can be thought and the material basis for further read practical circuit diagram. The block diagram can reflect the readers to read and level. 3, according to the principle of the whole machine signal transformation to analyze the practical circuit principle diagram ( System, plate, and the whole machine) On the basis of block diagram read, must further read the specific practical circuit principle diagram. To really understand the circuit principle diagram, must be combined with the basic principle of the machine to read, that is to say, to analyze through what specific circuit to complete signal processing, why use the circuit to complete this function, rather than using some other circuits. According to the thickness, size of the circuit function, the practical circuit diagram can be divided into unit circuit diagram and the circuit diagram, system circuit diagram, plate circuit diagrams, etc. Due to increasing level of integration, a large number of cell circuit has entered the integrated chip, and analyze the practical circuit diagram at present is mainly analyze the system circuit diagram and circuit diagram. In fact, read system circuit and the plate circuit mainly read integrated circuits, namely read integrated piece of the type of function, signal processing and lead to the function of the foot, also read each set of the connection between the electric circuit, integrated circuit and peripheral circuit or element contact, etc. 1, determine the integrated function of the signal processing flow direction according to the circuit diagram, find out the whole circuit round the total input and total output, can judge the direction of circuit diagram of signal processing. Is the function of wireless microphone voice signal modulation to launch out on the high frequency signal, circuit diagram in figure 1, the microphone BM for total input, antenna W to total output. From the total output is the input to the signal processing flow direction, the direction of figure 1 is from left to right in turn. Determine direction of signal processing unit 2, division circuit in general, the transistor, integrated circuit components is the core of each unit circuit etc. We can, therefore, marked by transistors or integrated circuits such as main components, will direction according to the signal processing circuitry is decomposed into several unit circuit, and draw the circuit principle block diagram. Block diagram will help us to master and analyze the circuit diagram. 3, analysis is usually arranged in the power supply in dc power supply circuit diagram on the right side, dc power supply circuit is arranged according to the direction of from right to left. Work in figure 1, the machine circuit on the dc power supply is 6 volt battery, R4, C6 and zener diode VD regulating circuit, in order to improve the stability of the circuit work. S for the power switch. 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