Circuit board factory of IPC one, two, tertiary standard is what

by:Rocket PCB     2020-06-05
In the circuit board factory, believe you is no stranger to the IPC standards. Maybe you will hear a customer said that our PCB circuit board is used in medical equipment, we ask for PCB products meet IPC level 3 standard. So the IPC standards is to point to? In the IPC - A- 610 c file, electronic products can be divided into level 1, level 2, level 3, the higher level, more rigorous quality inspection conditions. Circuit board factory, the three levels of the products are: IPC level 1 products: referred to as the generic class electronic products. Some include consumer electronics, computer and its peripheral equipment and use function as the main purpose of products. Level 2 products: referred to as the special service class electronic products. Including communication equipment, sophisticated business equipment and high performance, long life, measuring instruments, etc. In normal use conditions, this kind of product failure should not happen. Level 3 products: called high-performance electronic products. Including can continue to run high reliable, long life, military and civilian equipment. This kind of product is in use process are definitely not allowed to interrupt the fault, at the same time under the harsh environment, but also to ensure reliable equipment up and running. Such as medical rescue equipment and all of the military equipment system. For all levels of the product, the IPC - 610 c the terms of 'target', 'acceptable condition', 'process' warning conditions and acceptance criteria such as 'condition' defect. The acceptance criteria are the basis of enterprise product inspection, and employees work standard of manufacturing, also became one of the electronic production and assembly is an important content of enterprise staff training.
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