chinese-owned company makes parts for british f-35 fighter jets, mod reveals

by:Rocket PCB     2019-11-28
A Chinese-
State-owned companies are working for F-
According to the Ministry of Defense, the United Kingdom and the United States dispatched 35 fighter planes.
Parts manufactured by exceptional PCB located in Gloucester County, southwest England \"control many F-
According to the propaganda materials produced by the Ministry of Defense, 35 core competencies \".
This includes \"its engines, lighting, fuel and navigation systems,\" the company said \".
The Defense Department believes that the Exception PCB to F-
35 Joint Strike Fighter supply chain, and said it is an established manufacturer of the defense industry circuit board.
A report from Sky News shows that the Exception PCB is working for F-35 on Friday.
Former Conservative defense minister Sir Gerald Howarth spoke to a Chinese
A British company is producing parts for a British confidential project on the grounds that it is concerned about espionage and competition in China.
He said: \"Our role in China has been completely naive and people have not started to wake up until now.
\"There is no indication that the Exception PCB or its Chinese parent company Shenzhen Fastprint is doing something wrong.
The news is accusing the Chinese government of trying to steal morebillion-pound F-
A project led by US defense giant Lockheed Martin.
The stealth aircraft, equipped with a highly confidential set of sensors and other technologies, will become a key component of the US, UK and other Allied air forces and navies in the coming decades.
Lockheed Martin said it \"does not know any other Chinese --owned F-
\"35 suppliers at this time \".
As an example of the UK, the MoD has promoted abnormal PCB
Foundation company as part of F-
The supply chain of 35 is in one publication.
There was no mention that China-based Shenzhen Fastprint acquired the Exception PCB in 2013.
Ministry of Defense publication says: \"Gloucester County-
Control many F-based circuit boards based on Exception PCB manufacturing
35 core competencies.
On last November, a news article published by the Ministry of Defense stated that 107 employees of the company \"made control of many circuit boards
35 core capabilities including engines, lighting, fuel and navigation systems \".
A spokesman for the Ministry of Defense said: \"With the exception, the PCB produces bare circuit boards, so in F-
35 aircraft supply chain.
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