cambria ceo says trump is \'100 percent right\' on trade issues

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Host Laura Ingraham: This is Laura Ingraham.
This is \"Cape Ingram \"--
I think we say that every night, but Washington is really busy tonight.
We have breaking news.
As I mentioned just now, Attorney General Bill Barr has just launched new investigations into these investigations, and of course the original source of the Russian investigation was espionage against the 2016 Trump campaign.
Now we know why the Democrats are trying to destroy the attorney general.
So, to what extent the investigation will take place and to what extent Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton will be implicated.
Ken Starr and John YoY gave the answer right away.
In addition, our first appearance of 2020 clown cars.
Whether illegal immigrants should receive free medical care. Oh, why not.
Some of the old Biden comments about immigration may surprise you, and Bongino and Hahn have argued about it.
The Dean of Harvard University, Kansas, comforted their waking students.
Israeli congressman rahida tarabh has sparked another dispute.
Alan dershovitz is available on both sites.
I don\'t want to miss this.
But first, clean up Trump.
This is the focus of the angle tonight.
On Friday, after trade talks with China broke down, President Trump raised tariffs on some Chinese goods to 25%.
Today, China has retaliated by threatening to raise tariffs on the United States by 5,000. S. products.
When the media enters an instant and fully predictable crash mode. (
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Unidentified male: He is building a wall of tariffs that you paid.
Unidentified male: Just waving terrorists like a stick because it makes the president look tough.
It only hurts American families.
No one wants this.
Chinese don\'t want this.
Americans don\'t want this.
It looks like this is only part of the problem that Donald Trump has caused himself. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Yes, this problem has occurred throughout China in the past few years. Oh my gosh.
Since George Washington, the president has recognized the power and importance of tariffs to protect American interests.
In the face of China\'s serious trade abuse, we can solve this problem immediately.
Trump wisely used tariffs to punish bad behavior in China.
What is another option?
With Trump in the White House, China knows the end of the day to open up the US market with impunity.
Now, when the Chinese violated their promise to change the law and demanded that American companies doing business in China carry out the technology transfer of so-called trade secrets and intellectual property rights, the negotiations broke down, too outrageous
This raises the question why the United StatesS.
The president allowed the Communist government of China to point a gun at our company in this way.
In order to turn the situation around and then do something, they are deprived of their innovation.
Control the market with American engineering technology and technology.
I remember this now.
As early as 2000, when Bill Clinton urged China to join the World Trade Organization (wto), I remember this very clearly, and he made various commitments to the American people. (
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Former President Bill Clinton: This agreement is a good one for the United States.
Our products will better enter the Chinese market in various fields from agriculture to Telecom to automobile.
But China has no new access to the US market. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Yes, the effect is very good.
Let\'s break it down to understand what we\'re talking about here.
Nobody did this tonight.
It looks complicated, but you can understand. In 2018, U. S.
Export 179 to China.
3 billion seems a lot.
But China\'s imports to the United States amounted to $557. 9 billion. Do the math.
That means America. S.
The trade deficit with China in goods and services was as high as 378.
2018 6 billion.
This is an increase of 10% over 2017.
So this is a very good deal for China. Last year, U. S.
Imports from China increased by 427% over 2001.
That was before it joined the World Trade Organization. (
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President Donald Trump: China has been using the United States for many years.
I\'m not talking about the Obama administration alone.
You can go back a long time before that, it takes $400 billion, $500 billion, $600 billion a year out of the United States, and we can\'t let that happen.
Our location is very good.
Our economy is very strong.
We have improved a lot since the 2016 election. (END VIDEO CLIP)
INGRAHAM: Well, Trump is now basically a clean-up of the president and politicians who have done nothing to China.
There has been almost nothing for decades.
What did that do?
This has promoted the rise of the greedy communist regime.
Now, I think what we know now is how China works.
This is agreed by everyone.
There is a reasonable question to ask, why do we trade with them?
They are a geopolitical rival in an attempt to undermine the freedom we care most about.
They want to dominate everything.
Now, we didn\'t do business with the Soviet Union during the Cold War, which was smart.
I have a question.
Where is it said that all liberals who care about human rights are?
They protested South Africa\'s apartheid system in the 1980 s.
But are they still happy with the Chinese in the year 00 s?
We have millions of Muslims.
Tonight we have Christians and political believers in the intern camp in China.
In China, there is no real life except the country.
No freedom of thought.
Freedom without conscience.
There is no freedom of religious political assembly, you add that they are predatory trade practices and their commitments.
They are very obvious about this.
By 2025, almost every major industry promised to dominate the main industry.
They are progressing well with space weapons and artificial intelligence.
For anyone who loves freedom, this is a toxic mixture of my friends.
Trump properly assessed the threats facing the entire world in which China controls all steel production.
Now, think about national security. 90% of the printed circuit boards in the world are made in Asia, and more than half of them are made in China.
As if the prospect of US weapons relying on parts made in China is not bad enough, there are already concerns that Chinese-made electronics may become infected with computer viruses and allow China to monitor or disable the United States. S.
Military, commercial or consumer goods.
Oh, that\'s all. By the way, our leaders finally woke up under Trump\'s leadership. (
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Man: No country has any more serious threat of intelligence gathering than China.
We understand the threat that the Chinese are trying to put their systems into networks around the world so they can steal your information and mine.
Unidentified male: The President\'s instinct to pursue China is right.
I think in the past 10 or 20 years, China has a great advantage over the United States and they are unfair. (END VIDEO CLIP)
INGRAHAM: now there are some shortages caused by tariffs. term pain. Probably.
But in a $20 Trillion economy like ours, tariffs on $60 billion worth of goods can and will be absorbed.
Best support short-
The long-lasting pain, not the long-standing domination and destruction of our industry by China, Trump provided this way out earlier today. (
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Trump: Do it here if they don\'t want to pay tariffs, or buy it from another non-tariff countrytariff country.
So, you can do this whether you are going to Vietnam or other countries. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Ingram: say a few words to the wise man.
Trump has taken a cautious approach to a problem that has been neglected for decades.
Now is the time to do something about it.
This is the angle. All right.
Join me now, Marty Davis, CEO of Cambria County, Minnesota, who produces courts, countertops and other services.
Rick helfebin, President and CEO of the American Apparel and Footwear Association.
It\'s great that you two are together tonight.
Marty, you said in a recent interview that Trump is brave, smart and right on trade issues.
Many big American CEOs don\'t agree with you tonight.
Cambria CEO Marty Davis: Good evening, Laura.
I did say, I found out-
I believe so.
I can\'t talk to many CEOs of each of them, but many of them are dealing with individual company issues that are important to them, especially if they are in the public market sector.
But because it involves long term
President Trump is 100% right about the long-term interests of our government and our country.
I think he showed great courage.
There are at least three, probably four governments and Congress, who basically covered up the issue 20 years or even before they joined the WTO in 2000, he said.
So I think he\'s done it.
He did a very good job with his team.
This is what they see.
He said, they understand, they will deal with it.
I think they handled it very well.
Hey Rick, I\'m looking for you.
You make clothes and sneakers.
Very big company.
You are very upset tonight about the escalation of ongoing negotiations with China.
Tell us from your point of view, why should we continue what we know about China\'s trade as usual?
Rick helfenbein, president of the American Apparel and Footwear Association: first, Laura.
Beautiful opening.
I don\'t agree with what you said. INGRAHAM: OK. Bring it on. Let\'s go.
The boys pay attention to the temperature. Let\'s go.
Let\'s get this out tonight.
I really appreciate it.
Marty, I know a little about the history of your company.
I think it\'s okay.
Here comes the problem.
You know, we have given a lot of credit to the President for raising this issue.
He already talked.
When he became a candidate for Trump in January 2019, he actually talked about it and had discussions in the first Republican debate. . .
So why are you surprised?
Rick, all of these people were surprised that Trump did what he said he was going to do.
He was the first President Obama said.
He will be tough on China.
Bush promised the world that he would establish permanent trade relations with China. Bush said China will become more free, all these doors will be open and American companies will enter China.
But these numbers don\'t exist.
We have $380 billion, up 10% year on year. to-A year in China.
How fair is it to know what we know about China?
I know it\'s good for you because you can make cheap stuff in China and bring it back to the US. I get it.
But for ordinary American companies that do business there, they have to hand over their intellectual property rights and then they start competing.
HELFENBEIN: Well, it won\'t work that way, but let\'s be totally honest with that.
We are in a difficult situation.
I believe that in the case of Marty, the tariff used through surgery may be a good thing.
But you know, they can become weapons of mass destruction when they are used on a large scale.
It could damage our economy.
We\'re not arguing, we\'re not arguing. It\'s a bad idea. . .
We have an economy of $20 trillion. I have heard -
You have to step in, Marty.
I have heard that tariffs will destroy the economy of the United States. S.
Since Trump\'s election campaign, the economy in the past three years will destroy the economy.
What is the opportunity for both of you to answer the question of inflation in our economy?
Because if you say it\'s going to hurt the economy, we have to see real signs of inflation.
The economists I have read do not see inflation coming.
Some of you see inflation.
DAVIS: Well, I think Laura, the answer to this question and it sounds a bit old-fashioned.
First of all, China does not-
China came to our market and hijacked American capitalism with the enthusiasm of a government ruled by a political dictatorship.
This is an economic order.
They don\'t work in our structure, but they harvest the fruit of our structure.
They did it very openly.
They are aggressive. They are predatory.
This is happening all the time. It\'s not new.
Trade personnel of the Clinton administration.
Shortly after, Clinton worked with China to plan a WTO proposal.
Their consultants and their analysis pointed out what could have happened.
In 2000, economic advisor Robert Scott wrote a great article detailing what happens when we join him in the WTO and what might happen.
It was planned by Clinton.
Bush further promoted and continued the choreography.
So this is not a political issue. It\'s policy.
Congress got it wrong.
More than half.
They allow China to enter the United States according to their rules, and by harvesting the fruits of American democracy and free enterprise, they truly cheer, compete and capitalism for the survival of the Communist Platform.
Rick, your-
I want Rick to give it to us, I mean the people who say it\'s not the way out. OK.
I said to them, give us your blueprint, because we have Obama for eight years, things are getting worse and worse, and our intellectual property is stolen, dumping and state sponsorship of industry.
Tell me, Rick, how do we write this?
Obama can\'t do it.
It is worse under Bush.
So what is the magic dust Trump should use?
You know, President Bush tried in 2002 and steel tariffs didn\'t work.
President Obama tried it in 2009. . .
We did not last long enough.
HELFENBEIN: It\'s not working.
We tried the washing machine.
This does not work.
This is not the case, in fact.
We have some growth, I understand. Yes.
Stronger than the washing machine.
Laura, it\'s great to grow up.
Now, their estimate is that we keep about $817,000 per employee for this purpose. . .
But what is the answer, Rick?
You want to keep doing business-
So it\'s been doing business.
You can keep it-
Keep on the same track.
Look, here\'s the problem, Laura.
US Ambassador Lighthizer and President Trump have moved away from American consumers.
As of 5 tonight they have imposed the last round of tariffs on us and we are completely on this list and we will be hit.
Think about Laura. Think about this.
Think about this.
Davis: How about that? . .
What about this country? HELFENBEIN: No. This is . . .
What about America?
This is America.
This is the country.
Mr. Ingram: this is. OK.
So is a rising China good for American freedom, for Taiwan\'s freedom, or for Japan\'s freedom?
Davis: in THEY join WTO of head ten years in we in 5 million beauty yuan of manufacturing jobs on the loss the 6 million beauty yuan 5 million beauty yuan of manufacturing jobs on the loss the 6 million beauty yuan.
We have to go to Victor.
Davis: The Pain American consumers suffer to this extent is far more than the transition we need to go back to the free market and the pure free market.
Mr. Ingram: Okay.
What happens with inflation over the next six months, because with all the forecasts about pessimism and pessimism, we have to see that the inflation of these forecasts is wrong, but we will see.
I am willing to stand here and correct it.
Two, Laura. . .
Mr. Ingram: Thank you very much.
We have to go.
My Next Guest said the obsession with Russia made China fly under the radar.
We ignore the threat China poses to us.
Now is Victor Davis Hansen, a senior fellow at the Hoover Institute, author of the Trump case.
So, Victor, China has been doing this all the time.
It has been almost a criminal act for some time.
As you can see from previous conversations, companies want to produce cheap products in Asia. OK.
The way they don\'t want anyone to patch it up.
But what happens if the dynamics remain the same?
What is America\'s choice?
Victor Davis Hansen, senior fellow at the Hoover Institute: Well, your second guess argument is similar to saying that we shouldn\'t have chemotherapy when we have cancer, because it can be offensive.
It has side effects.
But keep in mind that we have tried everything about Laura.
Remember at the beginning, we were told that if we just ignored copyright infringement and all the infringement you expressed, they would soon be like criminals.
They will become rich, they will become rich, they will be Westernized, and then they will --
No problem.
Then we were told that the deficit was really not that bad for us and that the surplus was not that good for them.
They obviously disagree, of course.
Then we were told that they would help in Iran and North Korea if we were not careful, and they would appreciate this generosity and return it in kind.
It turns out that this is not true.
Donald Trump is back and he is doing something normal.
He is defending the interests of the United States, but everything is not normal. Now normal is considered abnormal.
Yes, it won today, Biden. . .
Hansen: there are more than two other threats. . .
Well, everyone is trying.
That\'s what I\'m talking about.
Rick, our guest, did not answer that.
The answer is that what we \'ve tried before doesn\'t work, and now by the way, Biden canceled Trump\'s tariffs at Victor, the New Hampshire campaign station, and let\'s take a look. (
Start Video Editing)JOE BIDEN, D-
Presidential candidate: The president has done nothing but raise tariffs. The debt.
There is also a trade deficit.
China\'s biggest violation is the way they steal our intellectual property.
We should make it an exchange.
He went the wrong way. He was brave and had no action. (END VIDEO CLIP)INGRAHAM: Yes.
Peter Schweitzer pointed out in the New York Post today that less than two weeks later, 2013 Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden flew to China on Air Force Class 2, hunter Biden\'s company signed a $1 billion private equity deal with the Chinese government\'s Bank of China subsidiary. Victor.
Is there a Chinese problem with Biden? HANSON: Yes. Yes, he does.
All of our elites remember Senator Feinstein, California, whose driver has been acting in China for 20 years.
Her husband has extensive business interests in China.
So everyone understands that.
Now someone comes in and says we have to get what Joe Biden said about the terms of exchange.
If they impose tariffs on us, we will impose tariffs on them.
If they cheat, we will solve the problem. And that\'s -
This is part of the overall attitude of the Communist dictatorship.
They have purchased 50 ports around the world in order to strategically take advantage of us.
They militarized the Nansha Islands.
They pushed our allies in Asia.
Finally, you won\'t be able to do this if you don\'t take a step now.
In the end, Laura, our GDP is twice that of China.
Third population.
We have the largest army in the world, the largest food exporter and the largest energy producer.
The idea that we are weak or we will lose is completely ridiculous.
Hansen: try to stop the advantage, not the equality.
Victor, we\'re throwing-we\'re . . .
Hansen: they don\'t mean us at all.
INGRAHAM: we basically have to give up our future. a-
Because of $3 billion in soybeans.
I mean, that\'s not to say that soy doesn\'t matter, but it\'s over anyway unless we do it well.
So, I don\'t understand all this.
Well, soybeans.
The sneakers we have to have
Trump actually did it for a long time. term thinking.
Thank you very much, Victor.
Victor wrote the best thing about his relationship with China.
Bill Barr said there was a breaking news tonight.
His appointment in the United StatesS.
Lawyers investigating the Trump team\'s surveillance said he would not rest until we figured out the truth.
Next, Ken Starr and John Yoo break it all down. (
Business break)
INGRAHAM: at least for some people in the capital, summer arrived in Washington earlier tonight.
Bill Barr, the attorney general, has just appointed an American lawyer. S.
Lawyers who determine whether surveillance of the Trump team is illegal.
Now, announced more than an hour ago, the United States of ConnecticutS.
Lawyer John Durham will investigate the origin of the Russian investigation.
Now, Durham appears to be an encouraging choice, as he has previously investigated issues such as law enforcement corruption and the destruction of CIA video tapes.
Former independent legal counsel Ken Starr and former Assistant Attorney General John YoY.
Okay, Ken, what will Durham look?
Ken Starr, a former independent legal adviser: he will find out the truth about the matter.
Bill Barr chose John Durham.
It was so timely.
As you know, we are all waiting for the report of Inspector General Laura.
But now that we have the most respected prosecutor in the United States, he has done some outstanding tasks during the Obama administration.
He is above politics.
You don\'t see him as an angry Republican.
In fact, every member of the Senate who voted confirmed his point and why he voted because of his record.
So, we have a very honest policeman now.
So, I\'m glad Bill Barr said, let\'s take a look at the inspector general\'s report, who is a man of integrity.
Now let\'s have a look at John Durham.
It\'s a good time, of course, to remember Lindsay Graham saying that I want to figure this out too.
We will find out.
Now, John did what they did last week for the Democrats, and I think if they thought it would be frustrating for Bill Barr, because he will be discouraged from doing what he said he was going to do at the hearing, which is watching espionage.
Will they smear John Durham now?
In view of his complete professional spirit and integrity and his extensive-
He has rich experience in government corruption?
Former Assistant Deputy Attorney General John YoY: I would be very worried if I were a Democrat.
The reason is that by appointing an American citizenS. Attorney.
Attorney General Barr is basically suggesting that he believes that criminal violations may occur at the beginning of an entire investigation into any kind of Trump.
Collusion between Russia
As Judge Starr has said, there is already an inspector general who is investigating.
This will lead to a conclusion.
If you\'re just interested in the way the reform department does things, that\'s what you do.
The way to decide.
But you\'re not going with Americans. S.
A lawyer like Durham, someone like him, unless the attorney general believes that someone may have violated the law, the FBI may have malpractices the Justice Department is motivated by parties, not just by incompetence or stupidity, or they were cheated by Russia, steel, Britain or Clinton.
So if you\'re a Democrat, and I want to see the appointment of a professional prosecutor like this, you\'re going to be very concerned.
INGRAHAM: Now Ken, the things they said last week about bar are to be condemned on many levels, but among the people who denigrate bar, there are Jim Comey, who and Bal.
That\'s what he said last week. (
Start Video Editing)
Former FBI Director James Comey: he is an accomplished, very smart person and has no loss in accepting the job except for his reputation. But I really -
It doesn\'t make me happy to say that, but I think he has lost most of his reputation because of his way of doing it. (END VIDEO CLIP)
He lost most of his reputation.
Ken and Jim Comey may feel the heat of early summer tonight?
Starr: that\'s too unfair.
This is unfortunate, but it is completely unfair not only to Bill Barr, but to the Justice Department he leads.
Bill Barr is deeply respected by professionals at the Justice Department who just call it the way he sees them.
I think that\'s what he\'s been doing throughout the process.
So, I regret what Jim Comey said.
I don\'t agree with this very much, and I hope Bill Barr continues to call him in an experienced way, to be an honest person, not to succumb to the pressure of Washington, D. C. C.
Hey John, we mentioned it before.
How high may this be?
How far can this survey go?
This is the presidential campaign.
There\'s a lot to do about who won the presidential election.
Clearly, Obama wants Hillary to win the whole deal through her servers and all of that.
But we really don\'t know where this might go, because there is really no type of investigation, and Congress can\'t do the same as the United States. S.
Lawyers are trained. Correct?
YOO: Actually, someone has worked on an FISA application and I can tell you how high it will be because, in terms of FISA law itself, the Minister of Justice has to approve the FISA application.
So, if the Steele file that we know now is completely fabricated and used as the basis for the FISA application, you have to get approval from the top of the FBI.
People at the top of the Justice Department must prove this.
Ultimately, this must be approved by the attorney general.
Then the second thing we haven\'t talked about yet is that the FBI seems to be trying to send an undercover line and agent to infiltrate the Trump campaign.
There is also a whole set of laws known as the attorney general\'s guidelines, which should only be allowed to do so in very, very rare cases.
So I think the attorney general, the deputy attorney general, and perhaps the FBI director, Comey, must all be involved in this decision and approve it.
All their decisions should be made--
I think, as you said, there are people who are going to have a lot of trouble because it is perjury to lie to the federal court and to swear a lie to the federal court.
Okay, guys, thank you very much.
We will discuss all these other topics with you.
But no, breaking news.
It\'s fun to have a late show.
The first appearance of the \"Ingraham corner\" 2020 Democratic clown car is the next.
Providing free medical care for illegal immigrants, Biden\'s eyebrows have triggered immigration comments since 2006, and a potential candidate has warned that Russia will be taken over.
Bongino and Hahn debated it all in an instant. (
Business break)
INGRAHAM: We\'re going to launch a brand new segment tonight to showcase the radical trend of the 2020 Democrats, a clown car.
This weekend, Kamala Harris joined Uncle Joe in calling for full access to health care for illegal immigrants. (
Start Video Editing)SEN.
D-Kamala HarrisCALIF.
Presidential candidate: Let me know this very well.
I am against any policy of depriving anyone in my country of access to public safety, public education or public health. (END VIDEO CLIP)
INGRAHAM: Join me now, Dan Bongino, Fox News writer, author of the upcoming book, acquittal, and Chris Hahn, former assistant to Senator Chuck Schumer and host of the \"radical progress\" podcast for Revolver.
Well, Chris, does the Democrats think that\'s an idea, not to say that you\'re going to reject the ER, and that\'s not the time we\'re talking about it.
We\'re talking about the entire content of Obamacare, what\'s left, health care for all illegal immigrants in the United States?
Is this something that America will be in trouble?
Radio talk show host Chris Hahn: who came to pay when they went to the emergency room, right?
So we have to pay in one way or another, because that\'s what we do.
We are good people in this country.
So we should find a way to recognize the actual situation in this country, give people the health care they need and find a reasonable way to pay, because if we continue to send people to the emergency room, the cost of the country is too high.
We have to be realistic. That\'s what they\'re talking about.
INGRAHAM: So there are thousands of homeless people on the street, including too many, just a few blocks from where we broadcast every night.
I say this every night, but it\'s so frustrating.
So they are on the streets of the United States, many of themS.
Veterans, but we should tell the taxpayers, Dan, OK, guess, there\'s $18 billion a year now, full medical costs, full payment, for 20 million illegal immigrants, the figure is much higher.
California just paid $3 billion for Medi.
All illegal immigrants have to punch in, Dan.
This is too much for California.
Dan bongino, a former New York police officer: Laura, they tried the plan with a Democratic governor in Vermont, Bernie Sanders, and he had to give up his plan, in a blue state for legitimate residents of Vermont.
Now, Chris\'s grasp of the facts is always a bit fragile.
He is also not familiar with how this emergency room works.
In fact, they have already studied this.
He may not know the result, but what happened-HAHN: I do. You don\'t. BONGINO: --
After Obamacare, they covered American citizens. -
Believe me, he is not familiar with it.
They covered Laura, an American citizen.
The use of emergency rooms has increased, not decreased.
So there is one more point at this point.
I would like to know how Chris and his Democratic allies will explain to the Medicare crowd that they did once pay for Medicare and when Medicare went bankrupt, their taxes are now being used to fund insurance in other parts of the world.
Okay, guys.
Unlike you, Dan, I am a board member of the American hospital.
Oh, that\'s the explanation! HAHN: --
The cost of the emergency room is a major problem for hospitals in this country.
All I know is that stocks in hospitals are rising. HAHN: --
This problem needs to be solved.
I always look at hospital stock and insurance company stock.
All the way up after Obamacare.
This is a non-profit hospital.
Good for you.
But we have to save money, and insurance companies have to take responsibility.
Their stock rose all the way.
It\'s good for them, but it\'s bad for consumers in health care.
Speaking of where Democrats are now on immigration, and where they are, we all remember where they are, and I want you to hear some unearthed footage of Joe Biden, the front runner before November 2006. (
Start Video Editing)
Biden: I voted a different vote from most Democrats, some of you wouldn\'t like it, and I voted for a 700-mile fence.
Why I don\'t think the need for a fence has much to do with immigration and drugs.
People drive across the border, from meth by-products to cocaine to heroin.
It all came through corrupt Mexico. (END VIDEO CLIP)
Chris, it sounds like Trump.
What happened to the Democratic Party?
Obama did a good job in this regard.
We had Bill Clinton in 1996.
The border is now suddenly open.
What\'s going on with this?
Hahn: So, I hope that what happened in the past and what happened today in 2006 for good security has changed.
No one wants to see drugs and anyone who hurts the country through our southern border.
He\'s right.
But today, we have modern technology to defend our borders more effectively than fences.
I was there.
Well, I don\'t think the fence is at all.
I agree with that.
But Dan, it\'s crazy to hear this old video and watch the old video of these Democrats, because today when it comes to the power of the cartel, the threat is more serious.
What they do is to transfer Border Patrol personnel with family units, rescue 200 people, 10 people, 12 people, and then they put drugs down 4 miles downstream.
We saw it last week.
That\'s what they did.
So, due to the severity of the threat of meth and opioid, the situation is actually worse now.
Yes, I like Chris covering for Biden.
Security has developed.
The walls are still working.
The wheels have evolved.
Chris, we\'re still on your plane.
Hahn: It\'s not stone wheels. (LAUGHTER)
BONGINO: it\'s evolving, but we\'re still using the first technology.
Second, the real evolution is not-
The security technology is also developing continuously, and the camera technology is also developing continuously. HAHN: Yes. Drones.
But what really developed was that the air here quoted politicians as saying.
You left one.
Remember Chuck Schumer?
He is very tough on immigration.
He is very good.
I like Chuck Schumer.
BONGINO: all of a sudden you changed your mind.
I don\'t know why Democratic voters tolerate such things.
INGRAHAM: Well, guys, Harvard pays tribute to the mob who fired a dean of the department.
Dershowitz will break it all down here. Don\'t go away. (
Business break)
Harvard once again gave in to the student community.
The school announced Ronald S. On Saturday.
Sullivan and his wife Stephanie Robinson, the dean of an undergraduate residence, will not be reappointed after their term ends in June 30. The reason?
The students were upset that Sullivan joined Harvey Weinstein\'s defense team in January.
Obviously, one of the most basic legal principles, that is, the idea that everyone should be given a defense, is lost to students who initially entered Harvard in some way.
Now with me is Alan dershovitz, an honorary law professor at Harvard University, who is the author of the impeachment of Trump.
\"Professor, you said the school\'s decision represents the new McCarthy doctrine. Explain.
Alan dershovitz, honorary professor of law at Harvard University: everyone has the right to defend.
When I was in college, professors and lawyers were fired for representing the Communist Party.
Going back to the bad past, you may be fired for representing gay people or women seeking abortion.
Or you can imagine other similar situations.
Of course, now that you are fired, he is fired because he represents a controversial and unpopular person accused of rape.
The students claimed they felt unsafe.
This is a ridiculous argument and it feels unsafe to be with the professor.
A few years ago, the same professor represented a double murderer.
The same students do not feel unsafe.
This is politically correct.
These students do not care about due process or freedom of speech.
The only thing they care about is their own way.
They don\'t like the person he means they don\'t.
They said he often went out.
If he is not suing Harvey Weinstein, they will build him a statue and praise him. (LAUGHTER)
This is a good point of view.
But they used all these excuses.
This is an opportunity to teach.
Alan, you will be fired if you say the wrong thing.
Forgot to represent the wrong customer at Harvard.
If you have the wrong point, it\'s a 50-
50 questions about whether you will survive just from your mindset.
Not just Harvard.
I\'m not a Harvard guy.
This is a great school and a great school.
But this thing is going to stop.
Learning is so antagonistic.
In my life, I don\'t understand why the board would tolerate it or the government.
They just give in to this mob mentality.
DERSHOWITZ: Many students are opposed to this.
Many faculty members opposed-
They were all scared, though.
They dare not say it.
Well, I think they have to stand up.
But alumni should say it out loud, donors should say it out loud, and teachers should say it out loud.
Everyone should say it out loud.
It is a terrible thing to teach students.
This is an opportunity for an educational moment.
The Dean of the college could have called the students in.
In fact, Sullivan offered to talk to the students.
They don\'t want to listen.
They think they know the truth.
You know, you\'re much better than me, Professor.
Do you know what I will say to the students?
Go back and smash the book.
The exam is coming soon.
No, I hate it more than you.
Ingram: I don\'t even want to do that.
I am tired of dealing with the complaints of these students.
They all went to the most privileged institution on the planet, and the only thing they had time to do was complain about someone representing someone they didn\'t like?
Overcome by yourself.
I am tired of these children.
I go further than you.
I say that a student who is afraid of such a professor does not belong to the university.
Graham: No, go somewhere else.
OK, Rashida Tlaib from Michigan, very fast, she has recently been hit by some criticism as she has made what is considered-Semitic. Let\'s listen. (
Start Video Editing)REP.
Rahida TRAB, D-MICH.
: When I think of the tragedy of the Holocaust and the Holocaust, and this is real time for the Palestinians of my ancestors, I always tell people a feeling of calm that they have lost their land and lost their lives, lost livelihood, lost dignity, lost everything, my name is trying to create a safe haven for the Jews. (END VIDEO CLIP)
DERSHOWITZ: she forgot to mention that the leader of the Palestinians, greater Mufti of Jerusalem, helped Hitler kill Jews in an attempt to prevent them from coming to Palestine to escape the Holocaust.
The Palestinian leader traveled to Germany to destroy the Jews.
She\'s just making up historical revisionism like this.
She did not tell people the actual truth about the complicated role of Palestinians in the Holocaust, including their leader\'s trip to Berlin and helping Hitler finally solve the problem.
Alan, thank you very much, Professor. We appreciate it.
And $70,000 fake wedding album.
Next, the \"angle of Ingraham\" will take you into a remarkable breakup of an illegal immigration scam you won\'t believe. (
Business break)
Ingraham: as the United StatesS.
S. Department of Justice is expected to reach nearly a record 1 million illegal immigrants across our border this year and is cracking down on an illegal immigration scam that offers fake marriages for $70,000.
Dozens were detained and dozens were still on the run.
Trace Gallagher will broadcast the story live tonight in our newsroom on the west coast. Trace?
Hi Laura.
Of the 96 people prosecuted so far, 50 are currently being detained in this marriage fraud scheme dating back to the summer of 2013.
This is really an immigrant version of the college admissions scandal.
Investigators say a Houston-based criminal business will charge foreigners $70,000 for setting up with a fake spouse with a fake wedding photo album.
Once they get married, the organization will submit fraud paperwork, including tax and employment paperwork, to the immigration authorities.
The Immigration and Customs Enforcement Bureau (ICE), which is in charge of the investigation, said that despite forged documents, both spouses did not live together and did not intend to live together.
Quote here, \"spouses usually don\'t see each other before they get a marriage certificate, or at all. \"And the U. S.
Citizens who have agreed to a false marriage have received part of the proceeds.
The more money immigrants pay, the more benefits they get, including entering the United States and fully legal permanent resident status.
The 53-year-old leader of the ring, ICE saidyear-
Old Ashley Yen Nguyen ran out of her home in the Houston area, but she was helped by colleagues in Texas and Vietnam.
Finally, we should note that in the latest annual report,S.
According to the sentencing committee, 34 were migrant crimes.
4% of all sentencing cases.
This is 30% from last year.
Gang leaders of marriage fraud could face decades in jail.
It can take five years for each of those who actually get married. Laura?
Wow, thanks so much, Trace.
In our last bite, we will be right back to pay tribute to a legend. (
Business break)
We lost our Hollywood idol and singer Doris Day at the age of 97 today.
She started her career as a band singer and won her first success in 1945 with \"Sentimental Journey, she was in James Cagney, Clark Gai when she sang the song in \"know too many men. \"(
Start Video Editing)(SINGING)(END VIDEO CLIP)
INGRAHAM: she retired from public life in her early 80 s and worked on the animal foundation to protect animals. (
Start Video Editing)
Actress Doris Day: Go to your city shelter today and adopt a pet.
The cost is small and the return is great.
Someone kissed me. (END VIDEO CLIP)
That\'s what she is--
She likes to be happy. She likes to make others happy. -
Other people are happy.
She did. May Ms.
Rest a day in peace.
Now everyone else can always find the bright side, Shannon Brem.
She and the Fox News team took everything from here. Shannon?
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