apple slashes iphone orders for the second time amid fears sales are stalling

by:Rocket PCB     2019-11-08
Demand for Apple\'s latest iphone may be worse than previously thought.
The tech giant has reportedly made a second cut in iPhone orders because-than-
Expectations of high demand
According to Taiwan, terminal equipment
It is based on the news website of Digitimes.
It has been reported that the iPhone XR and XS will reduce production.
Digitimes\'s report describes Apple\'s supply chain partner\'s heat after the company reduced its orders as the company\'s new equipment did not perform well.
\"It is reported that Apple has implemented a second wave of order cuts after the weakness --than-
According to the report, sales of new iPhones are expected, and many other supply chain partners in Taiwan will begin to feel pressure in November.
Largan Precision, which provides camera lenses to Apple, estimates revenue will decline in November from last month.
Meanwhile, Digitimes said that the pro-tech company that supplied printed circuit boards to the iphone fired about 110 workers due to Apple\'s order cuts.
Earlier, Apple reportedly cut production of the \"budget\" iPhone XR.
Apple placed orders with Foxconn and Heshuo, the main smartphone assemblers.
According to sources quoted close to the situation in the \"theNikkei Asian Review\", many people interpreted the move as a disappointing sign of the most affordable mobile phone demand in Apple\'s new iPhone series.
For Foxconn, it first prepared nearly 60 assembly lines for Apple\'s XR model, an anonymous source told Nikkei news, but recently only used about 45 production lines, because its top customers say they don\'t need to produce so many production lines so far.
This means that it will reduce about 100,000 units per day to reflect a decrease in demand
The decline from the initial forecast was 20% to 25%.
Production plans for Apple\'s peer manufacturers and shuo have also been cut.
According to Nikkei News, another iPhone assembler, Weichuang, was told he would not receive any orders for the iPhone XR.
Instead, Apple has asked for more production of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus models, and Foxconn and Heshuo are also responsible for the production of both models.
Industry analysts estimate Apple has cut orders from Taiwanese suppliers by 20-
30% earlier in November, mainly because of weak demand for iPhone XR and XS Max.
When Apple said it would no longer break through iPhone unit sales in quarterly results, experts were first concerned.
The decision led many to believe that sales of the iPhone were stagnant.
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