apple leaks \'confirm\' radical new smartphone

by:Rocket PCB     2019-09-12
Forget the iPhone X, this is Samsung\'s confirmation of the new Galaxy X smartphone, which suddenly caught everyone\'s attention.
This prompted Apple to disclose its most ambitious iPhone plan to date . . . . . . Previously, Koh Dong, president of Samsung Mobile-
Kim, it will release a folding touch screen smartphone in 2018, and subsequent Bluetooth and radio certifications actually show that the release date looks close --
Apple has responded and made no secret of its intentions.
First is a prompt.
To Korea Publishing House (
Through investors)
In partnership with LG, Apple has set up a \"task force\" to manufacture the iPhone with a foldable OLED display.
LG is also developing \"rigid flexible printed circuit boards\" for it \".
However, if enough attention is not paid, Apple has now applied for a patent in public (
Found on AppleInsider\'s website)
Detail the plan to match Samsung with the folded iPhone.
The patent is innocently named \"electronic device with display\", but it actually describes a device with \"flexible part\" and \"flexible display\" that can be folded up
The patent further explains in detail that the display requires OLED and is encapsulated in an appropriate rigid housing, so its shape remains the same when it is turned on and folded.
It is worth noting that Apple recently partnered with LG to launch OLED to reduce its reliance on Samsung, which is providing all OLED panels for the iPhone X (
But very low brightness).
Apple\'s downside is that investors report that all these efforts will not pay off until 2020, which will lead Samsung two years ahead of its potentially game-changing Galaxy X.
Samsung has been working on the technology for years, showing its first foldable OLED display on CES 2009.
That is to say, Apple is known for being late, still like MP3 players, smartphones, tablets and (arguably)smartwatch.
The same can be said.
The Touch ID arrived a long time after the first fingerprint reader, but it is possible to set the bar and Face ID immediately on the iPhone X to do the same for facial recognition.
No matter what we learn, Apple and Samsung are colliding for the next big change in smartphones, which will make the \"border\" the current fashion
The back of the panel and glass looks quaint.
So while Samsung is set to make a big splash in the smartphone industry in early 2018, we now know that Apple is watching and working.
The battle begins now. . .
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