Any Rocket PCB offices in other countries?
Rocket PCB Solution Ltd has been trying its utmost to set up its own offices in other countries. There are several procedures to apply for establishing professional offices in other countries. For the development of company,we are trying our best to achieve it. In order to better serve customers, we have employed greatly skilled staff who can be sent overseas to help clients for negotiating business.

As a well-established company, Rocket . mainly specializes in gold finger pcb. The gold finger pcb series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. The production technique implemented in the production of Rocket heavy copper pcb manufacturers is advanced and greatly guaranteed. It is a new production technique aimed at minimizing wastage. It is subjected to extreme heat and soldered into place. The product is operational in hot and cold temperatures, while traditional lights tend to have a difficult time functioning in this situation.

The desire of Rocket brand is to win the leading ceramic pcb manufacturer manufacture market. Check it!
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