Anti Static Mat, Wrist Strap and Other Tools That Will Help Safeguard Your Computer From Static Electricity

by:Rocket PCB     2019-08-27
If you are planning to work inside the computer, the anti-static pad, wristband and other protective devices should be the preferred tool.Otherwise, touch the inside of the computer without adequate protection, and they will be immediately or potentially damaged by static electricity.Static electricity has been heavily mentioned in online forums, but continues to receive cold attention in repair shops and homes.
We use the excuse that electrostatic discharge (ESD) failures rarely occur to roughly argue and hide it.We even quoted the error.Free years fiddling with in the computer!This is wrong.Since the extent of ESD damage will depend on many factors, its effect on computer assembly should not be ignored.
Yes, most of the time the ESD effect may not be displayed immediately.The components that survived after the first exposure can still survive after two or more exposures.However, potential damage to integrated circuits and other printed circuit board (PCB) traces and knots may be ignored in a few days or months.
Constant data-related errors and computer failures should be told-tell sign.In a special containment.When the human body is walking or rubbing on synthetic materials and other insulating objects, static electricity is generated.The constant movement of shoes on the carpet promotes the transfer of electrons to the body, creating an imbalance between positive and negative charges.
Since the human skin is a conductive object, the charge is allowed to flow freely.When it is electrically isolated from the Earth or other conductive objects such as synthetic carpets or soles, it accumulates a lot of charge with each additional friction.The body becomes a capacitor of some type because it accumulates more energy in the process.
Static electricity is the state of imbalance between positive (proton) and negative (electron) charges on an object.This object can be any human or other material like a hat or cup.As mentioned above, due to physical contact, an imbalance is caused when the charge moves from one object to another.
When the body touches a ground object, any accumulated charge of more than 3,000 will cause sparks.In the apparent electrostatic shock, the discharge of the next conductive object will result in a balance of negative and positive charges.A person is actually able to absorb and discharge anything up to 20,000 V, which is enough to kill the circuit board at the touch point.
What we need to note is that any charge over 50 volts can also cause potential damage to the printed circuit board!Understanding the types of objects in and around the workplace, the relationship with the human body is important, which may trigger the accumulation of static electricity.So maybe we can start taking precautions.There is no better way than to understand the role of conductors and insulators.They are materials that allow free flow of charge.
The human body is a conductor of electricity, thus allowing static electricity to move freely in it.i.e.When enclosed in insulating objects such as shoes, clothes and surfaces.However, this charge flows freely when the main body is directly connected to another conductor, such as a printed circuit board circuit.
They are materials that do not allow the free flow of electricity.They prefer to hold on to the electrons inside, but they lose some when rubbed by other objects, such as when shoes repeatedly rub the carpet.The more the conductors rub with the insulator, the greater the friction, the more likely it is to jump the charge from the insulating carpet and shoes to the conductive object, and vice versa.
According to the rule of thumb, do not touch the inside of the computer before you let yourself grounded.This can be achieved by using the resources available to us or with the help of a recommended anti-static device.These tools are available online and in local stores.
Each tip described below should work with other tips to provide the best possible results.But again, when this is the only option, anyone of them is better than nothing.If you are unable to meet the standard grounding device, you may want to take advantage of the resources in the workshop-your body and the Earth.
) whose three-The power cable is connected to the ground power outlet.Make sure the power is off at the power supply.You can then remove and install components inside your desktop computer using another hand.
As for laptops or other mobile devices, be sure to neutralize the positive and negative electricity in other parts of the body before unpacking.Of course, to better protect your laptop, you \'d better use the anti-static device explained below.Use Anti-You may also want to build a static and safe workshop floor and table.
Go and buy anti-static mats or tiles so you can walk around barefoot!If you are thinking of a normal floor, then install the wood brick without paint, but if you have to paint, then go and buy the total floor conductive paint.If you can\'t get rid of expensive carpets, you may reconsider buying anti-static mats.For workshop tables, the first option is usually an anti-static table pad, which should be sufficient to accommodate electronic components.
However, if you can afford a regular table, install a wooden one.Although careful careless placement of material on top of it may result in unnecessary static electricity.But it\'s better than a plastic, vinyl and fiberglass top.
Similarly, do not use conductive stainless steel as the working surface.Low resistance is emitted as steel on the surface, which may allow for fairly fast and transient-Like electrostatic discharge.Humidity is the moisture content in the air.
Humidity helps to accumulate charges through conductive air and in floors, carpets, plastics and other insulating objects.Similarly, if the body is dense enough, the unwanted charge on the body will also dissipate into the wet air most of the time.The higher the humidity density in the air, the smaller the effect of static electricity.
Weather conditions in different countries determine the density of humor in the air.For example, unlike winter, summer will ensure more dense humidity, and geographic areas near the equator, northern Asia and the Americas tend to have higher humidity density than cold and dry geographic locations.If you live in a location with less humidity, consider the options available to help calm the air.
While the clothes are hidden naked and give us warmth, there are things that actually exacerbate the level of static charge.Due to constant friction with the body, synthetic clothes transfer and promote the accumulation of electrostatic charges on the human body.When we touch the printed circuit board with the naked eye, this deposit will be transferred to the printed circuit board.
The most important thing in synthetic clothing is nylon and all kinds of smoke.In order to reduce the ESD accumulation of the body, please wear cotton clothes at all times.Not all packages are suitable for storing electronic components.
General plastic bags should not be used to carry RAM, disk drives and other electronic parts.Whenever computer components are stored or transported, make sure they are securely packed in an anti-static package.Finally, consider the tools we use to fix the computer: mainly assembly and disassembly.
Is a collection of conductors and insulators.Unfortunately, they always shovel together anyway.This setting creates a large amount of negative or positive charge for different parts.
In order to prevent ESD damage, please store them as safely as possible and dissipate the static charge when using the static charge.Beware of hair dryers that can generate static electricity in the process of blowing dirt out of the computer
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