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Released by Rob Waugh: EDT 11: 05, July 6, 2012 | update: EDT 11: 05, the old mobile phone stack in July 6, 2012, PCs and other electronics may be the focus of a new round of gold rush, as it is revealed, billions of pounds worth of gold were discarded on old boards.
It is revealed that about 320 tons of gold is used every year to make mobile phones, laptops and other electronic devices.
The total value of all gadgets is over 10 billion.
At one meeting, however, about 15% of the garbage was recovered from e-waste.
Alexis Vandendaelen, Belgium-
Precious metals refining company, based in Umicore, said: \"Instead of looking at electronic products, it is better to look at electronic products.
Waste is a burden. We need to see it as an opportunity.
There are at least 85% of e-commerce in rich and poor countries.
The wasted gold is lost.
Experts said at the e-commerce Conference that manufacturing electronic products also consumes more than 7,500 tons of silver every year.
Waste College conference in Accra, Ghana.
If consumers want to continue to enjoy high consumption, more sustainable consumption patterns and material recycling are essential
Louis Neves, chairman of global e-commerce, said it supports everything from modern communications to smart transportation and smart buildings.
Initiatives for sustainable development (GeSI).
The meeting heard that electronic waste now contains \"deposits\" of precious metals 40 to 50 times richer than ore mined from the ground \".
It is said that with new developments such as tablets, the amount of gold occupied by gadgets is growing rapidly.
At 2001, they ran out of 5.
3% of the world\'s supply is about 197 tons.
This figure has risen to 7 by last year.
7%, or 320 tons-equal to 2.
Fort Knox and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York have 5% of U. S. gold reserves. Making high-
Technology equipment requires gold and silver worth £ 13. 5 billion -
Equivalent to the gross domestic product of El Salvador.
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