You must understand the circuit board proofing

by:Rocket PCB     2020-07-08
When design engineer to design good circuit board, is just a PCB manufacturer to make, and then after the circuit board pull back the various components of welding, the final assemble them to the exterior of the product of form a complete electronic products. So the circuit board proofing is an important part in the process of electronic products. So in order to get good quality PCB proofing need to pay attention to what issues? Circuit board proofing matters need to pay attention to what? 1, pay attention to control the number of PCB proofing for circuit board proofing usually for small batch production, so for circuit board proofing manufacturers boot cost is higher, therefore can cause the enterprise proofing costs increase, so in order to better control costs, enterprise will be calculated before for circuit board proofing, good statistics need to assemble samples and the situation of the standby, etc, to control the amount of good proofing. Proofing process due to the circuit board approved 2, pay attention to the good PCB for proofing also can take many different process, so in addition to pay attention to looking for a professional circuit board proofing manufacturers, but also more attention is approved the proofing process used by the PCB manufacturer, to ensure that the manufacturers take the process configuration to satisfy the business enterprise of the circuit board design and manufacturing requirements, in addition to the proofing after flying probe test. 3, pay attention to the good PCB layout proofing signal signal layout is complete reasonable model will affect the quality of the whole PCB proofing, so in the circuit board proofing time also note proofing signal layout, to ensure the complete and reasonable, and should be fully check the electrical components, in order to better improve PCB electrical performance and stability, but also can reduce the noise. Above is the time when the circuit board proofing need to be aware of a few things, in addition to the enterprise also notice at the time of the circuit board proofing and proofing the designers and operators of good communication, and at the time of delivery proofing materials carefully check the related files and components encapsulation, don't cry because it is in some small negligence caused the failure of the proofing or the effect not beautiful.
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