why we had to cancel our successful kickstarter campaign, and how we bounced back: boldr

by:Rocket PCB     2019-12-04
Nine months ago, our team made one of the toughest decisions.
After raising more than $120,000, we canceled it before the Kickstarter event ended.
We have created the world\'s first \"smartwatch\"-BOLDR voice --
Analog Quartz watch with built-in smart watch technology.
This beautiful watch keeps track of your movements, hum notifications on your wrist, controls your camera, and more.
On the first day of our campaign, reception was overwhelming and we surpassed our goal in just 24 hours.
BOLDR Voyage was released in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Filmed in August 19, 2015, but in the later stages of our event, we began to encounter some major challenges in the production of watches.
First, we were hit by a sharp increase in overall manufacturing costs.
Then, more bad news.
We can\'t afford the high cost.
Cost of obtaining CE and FCC certification.
As you may know, these certifications are required for products that send out Bluetooth signals in order to ship International.
This is a big problem because we do not want the customs to seize these products, thus affecting the receipt of watches by our supporters.
Although we had planned to be certified from the beginning, we later found that the cost of getting certified was much higher than we expected.
Finally, after several sleepless nights and intense discussions with the team at the BOLDR,
We decided not to take the risk that our supporters trust us.
While we can continue looking for a solution after the event, it will either lead to a delay in our delivery or cause the watch price to rise, which is unfair to our supporters.
We do not want to be in a situation where we are unable to deliver on our commitments, nor do we want to delay or fail to deliver on our commitments.
From the beginning, when we started this company
We want to make 100 sure that we can deliver on our promise, the responsibility and commitment as creators.
The $45 million I canceled the campaign was a very difficult decision.
We have taken our hearts, sweat and tears without conditions (
We have a lot of money on our own)
Enter the project.
Between making watches, PCB boards and other required components-
There are a lot of difficulties in completing everything in terms of quantity and cost, which makes sense for the business.
Running a hardware startup is really a very difficult business.
We do underestimate the final cost of production and the obstacles and obstacles we need to overcome.
Even if we save a lot of money ourselves, we still can\'t meet the cost of installation and manufacturing --
Without affecting the price, we feel attractive and fair to our customers.
When we cancel the campaign, we look forward to receiving strong opposition from our supporters, who are full of frustration.
However, we are very humbled by the overwhelming support of our supporters.
\"I\'m sorry you had to make this decision;
I\'m sure it must have hurt the intestines.
No matter how much you study, how hard you work, how carefully you plan, there is still some strength that you could not overcome at the time --
Titanic disaster in this world
But hopefully you have the motivation and resources to move on and combine what you \'ve learned so you\'ll be successful next time.
I really appreciate and admire your honesty and transparency towards our supporters.
I am eager for you to come back with your next BOLDR event;
I will support you then.
Good luck and please feel free to let us know. ” —
Nikki C \"sorry for you guys.
In the new start-ups we had to close, I \'ve had this situation many times --
You did the right thing.
That doesn\'t mean you can\'t start over.
You can only learn by making mistakes.
Start learning now (
Huge, I guess)
Build another BOLDR.
Not back forward.
Looking forward to hearing from you, you will launch it again at a new price and it will be successful.
The supporters are also keeners.
They want you to succeed \"-
After the campaign, we immediately vowed that we would not let our supporters down, so after a short break, we refreshed and moved on.
After a few weeks of digital computing and debate, we decided to get our first child-BOLDR Voyage back to work --in-
Progress and pursuit of the next product
Line, the trip to BOLDR, by the way, is named for celebrating the trials and tribulations we have had on this journey.
So we re-positioned BOLDR as a brand to serve men and women who are on fewer roads in the world, whether it\'s more difficult or challenging.
Through trials, tribulations and mistakes, these people have made new discoveries.
Please also read: the most important thing for us is integrity: Pirate3D CEO Brendan gosh those who find fresh experience and inspiration in the weirdest places.
For those who are able to achieve the impossible, when everything seems unlikely.
BOLDR celebrates can-
Be an attitude by making products that accompany you in your life journey, watches (
Soon, other products)
Always stick to it and never give up --just like you.
With the new dedication and new life lease of the BOLDR supply company, we continue to work on the new BOLDR journey concept.
Leaving the smartwatch for the time being, we took all the feedback we received and went back to the drawing board.
We want a retro air look, but a modern look.
Although we have gone through many design iterations, in the end we went back to where we started sailing on the bolldr and ended up making a design that attracted all of us.
BOLDR Journey Chronograph WaspIn\'s admiration for the flight pioneers, as a reference to the inspiration for the Journey design, we named our watches, Warhawks and Wasps after our admired old-fashioned fighter Sopwith.
BOLDR journey chronograph Sopwith, Wasp, WarhawkThe BOLDR journey started on Kickstarter 3 weeks ago and we finished our goal in just over 16 hours,
Much faster than we expected.
But we know it\'s not a random miracle, it\'s due to the amazing support of our former campaign supporters, friends and family.
Without their encouragement and direct support, we would not be at this point today --
Make a comeback from an earlier failure.
We have raised almost $100,000 so far, and there are still 6 days left.
So if you\'re inspired by our story
We would like to invite you to join us on our journey and share our stories or our activities with one or two friends.
We hope it will inspire and educate people around the world.
A simple lesson
Never give up, never be bold.
-Image credit: why do we have to cancel our successful Kickstarter campaign and how do we bounce back: BOLDR first appears on e27.
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