why apple’s aesthetic is influencing the future of electronics design

by:Rocket PCB     2019-11-29
Touch screen computers will dominate the PC market in the next few years.
Market analysts predict the computers will consist of only one large tablet. based [design]
Methods will be very important in the next few years.
\"The touchscreen-led iPad design is far from the large, bulky plastic cream pieces our father dreamed of owning.
The IPad is a device that lets users forget about the technology they are using, because it becomes almost anything they can imagine through the use of the app.
After years of ugly desktops and very little aesthetic design (
The exterior of the square plastic is the best way to cover up the complex maze inside)
Computer manufacturers began to change their design style.
\"Electronic products have always been designed like this, Motherboard-
Orientation Method starting from the circuit and semiconductor on the central printed circuit board (PCB)
Then wrap the UI-
A focused element like the display around the keyboard and keyboard, \"says Derek leidaw, iSuppli\'s president and chief executive explained in a April 29 report why the design of the iPad changed the electronics supply chain.
\"That\'s not how the IPad was designed.
It does not have a traditional motherboard.
Instead, it is designed with the UI (user interface)
As a starting point: Apple starts by designing screens, touchpads and batteries, and finally focuses on the placement of semiconductors and semiconductors.
This design gives the product a unique feeling and function.
\"Apple first promoted the concept of design, followed by internal electronic components, which has begun to echo mainstream computer creation.
Innovative manufacturers and computer fanatics are imagining new forms for ordinary PCs, turning them into a functional artwork, creating devices that are as important as external design and internal design.
As manufacturers realize the value of computers from a well-designed basis, this trend will continue.
Manufacturers such as Dell, HP and LG are slowly adapting to this trend, as evidenced by their recent collaboration with well-known designers.
These companies work with fashion and product designers for young, design-
For consumers.
Luxury electronics manufacturers like Artopz, mobilado and Eazo, have shown the world that desktop computers don\'t have to be big square boxes placed on tables and phones don\'t have to look like bricks.
Apple\'s design is not the only factor affecting the design trend of the next generation of electronic products. Crowd-
As companies pay more attention to social networks and communities built around their brands, procurement design projects are emerging all over the world.
Nokia, the handset maker, has started a project called community design.
\"The company is currently working on three concepts for a new mobile phone based on their community\'s design proposals, ideas and more than 72,000 votes.
Once the initial sketch is finalized, the user will again be responsible for selecting the winning design and phone name.
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