Which hybrid pcb company doing OBM?
Rocket PCB Solution Ltd is developing into a major producers of OBM of high quality hybrid pcb . We'll be accountable for everything, such as development and production, supply chain, delivery, and promotion. In case you have some specifications and samples or pictures, please send us the specifications and we'll create the products depending on your requirements.

Rocket . is an export-oriented enterprise, which mainly produces a variety of cavity pcb products. The ic substrate pcb series has many styles to meet the diversified needs of customers. Reliable raw materials: the raw materials of Rocket ceramic substrate pcb are all sourced from the suppliers who have established long term reliable cooperation with us. Their products are all certified. Its parts are spaced evenly and traces are symmetric and uniform. The product is a very energy efficient lighting option because it utilizes the input power more efficiently to generate light rather than light created by heat. This allows it to produce a much higher lumen output per watt. It offers a simple platform to arrange the electronic components in a compressed way.

Rocket . only produce high class cases for the customers. Please contact us!
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