What are the causes of PCB quality closes nevertheless

by:Rocket PCB     2020-05-29
Under the circuit board industry competition in the market, many of the circuit board factory in order to reduce operating costs, to save on raw materials and equipment costs, eventually led to the production circuit board product quality closes nevertheless. Dongguan Rocket PCB circuit technology co. , LTD as a circuit board factory, dongguan we always development to the quality of the products as a driving force, not afraid of good customer good products. Circuit board small make up to share the cause of PCB product quality closes nevertheless. 1. Quality of the raw materials for the circuit board PCB to make the quality of the raw materials are fundamental to the quality of circuit board, circuit board material which itself doesn't pass, make the circuit board will appear bubbles, circuit boards layered, board become warped, the thickness is not equal. PCB laminated ( PCB circuit boards) 2. PCB production process not pass circuit board production processes all must, in accordance with strict production process to implement the production, at the same time, each working procedure must be equipped with corresponding testing equipment, the process parameters and equipment to ensure the stability of the circuit board quality. Due to production technology many circuit board factory only to make the price lower, causing production circuit board quality closes nevertheless. 3. Circuit board production equipment with the progress of science and technology, to make the circuit board production equipment upgrading faster and faster, also more and more expensive. Equipment from the hardware to ensure quality, increase spending on equipment, to achieve efficient equipment, stable is basic way of improving the quality of circuit board. Led to a small circuit board factory don't have the ability to buy expensive equipment eventually lead to the production of PCB proofing product quality closes nevertheless. To introduce the above is the PCB related content, hope to be of service.
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