What about the maximum supply of any-layer pcb by Rocket PCB per month?
This is determined by manufacturing capacity in Rocket PCB Solution Ltd. In reality, the monthly distribution is elastic. We might lower the output when there's an off-season and might raise the production whenever there's the peak. You're expected to inform us about the prerequisites and custom service can be obtained.

Rocket . has provided high quality thermal management pcb to China and the World. The rigid flex pcb manufacturers series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. The production technique implemented in the production of Rocket power circuit board is advanced and greatly guaranteed. It is a new production technique aimed at minimizing wastage. It improves the wiring density and reduces the spacing of components. The product has no fragile internal components and it is resistant to vibration. So users don't have to worry about its sudden fall. The product is widely applied in consumer electronics.

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