What about the exports of Rocket PCB in recent years?
In Rocket PCB Solution Ltd, the percentage of exports is considerably bigger than that of local earnings. We expect to enlarge the export and expand the effect in the global industry. Export is a means to check the quality of an organization's product and also to keep up with the international development.

Since its inception, Rocket . has rapidly developed into an export-oriented trading company. The wire bonding pcb series is available in a wide range of types and specifications. The product is efficient as the light can be directed into a specific place, illuminating the specific area which incandescent or fluorescent lights can't do. The product reduces the possibility of loose connections or short circuit. Featuring a long lifespan, it means that this product requires fewer replacements, which helps users save power energy and reduces costs. Its parts are spaced evenly and traces are symmetric and uniform.

Rocket Solution helps our customers to get the best value in return. Inquire!
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