surge suppression devices 101

by:Rocket PCB     2019-11-07
For most people, the energy quality of household suppression devices can be very confusing.
Today, we will try to clarify this issue.
Question 1 most likely, \"Why do I need surge suppression devices in my home\", the correct surge or transient is generated by turning on or off many loads (
Anything that uses electricity)in your home.
I can be on or off the cycle switch, light switch, computer, washing machine, dryer, etc for the refrigerator.
This list can continue.
In the past few decades, it\'s really not a big deal due to the robustness of the analog control.
Today, however, is completely different, with your steam iron, your curlers, and even a printed circuit board inside your popcorn Poole.
These printed circuit boards cannot withstand the surge or transient of today.
The simple opening of the AC unit can lead to electrical spikes of 100% or higher.
Then, in a relatively short period of time, it is easy for you to ask these spikes to destroy the electronics in our home.
Surge Protection can actually \"clamp\" the excess voltage that is present in our family.
This can actually produce very realistic results.
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