surface modification has never been so perfect before

by:Rocket PCB     2019-11-02
There are many industries that need to modify the surface of the material.
The surface properties of many materials make them unsuitable for bonding with other materials.
In many industries, two materials of different physical properties are required to be combined.
The adhesive should be strong and durable.
It is not always possible to use traditional methods.
The application of printing or adhesive glue is an area where surface modification plays an important role.
If you print on a very smooth surface like plastic, the printing will not stay there for a long time.
The ink will probably fall off soon.
In this case, sufficient treatment and modification of the surface is required so that the ink can be firmly attached to the surface.
The most modern way to change the surface properties is the plasma surface modification method.
In this method, plasma is used to change the surface properties of the material, thus facilitating adhesion.
One of the main advantages of using a plasma is that it does not change the material in any other way.
In this method, the ionization gas is pumped on the surface.
The gas pumped contains molecules, atoms, and ions.
This mixture will initiate the modification process on the surface of the material.
This method can be easily managed using various types of devices.
Another important use of plasma technology is surface cleaning.
There are many surfaces that cannot be cleaned in any other way.
Early cleaning methods include the use of chemicals.
The problem with the use of chemicals is that it affects the surface of the material in an unfavorable way.
Cleaning with solvents is also dangerous for the environment.
A lot of solvent is needed.
Once the cleaning is completed, this chemical is discarded in an environment that causes considerable damage.
Plasma is effective on a variety of surfaces.
They can be safely used in metals, plastics, or ceramics.
This technology is widely used in the printed circuit board industry.
They are used to clean the boards before coating.
Another advantage over chemical cleaning is that plasma surface cleaning does not leave any residue on the printing plate.
It is critical to clean the surface without damaging the substrate.
The use of solvent changes the performance of the substrate.
This can be prevented by plasma cleaning.
Today, plasma technology is widely used.
Many plasma processing companies have ensured that the technology is being rolled out to industries that need it.
There are many industries in Singapore that benefit from the use of plasma technology.
In addition to the advantages of properly cleaning and modifying the surface without affecting the material, the plasma has a very economical advantage.
The cost of this technology is not high, so it is used by many small and medium-sized industries.
Not only did they save a lot of money by using technology, but by avoiding a lot of waste.
Many materials lose performance or shape by using solvents.
Plasma technology can prevent this damage and save a lot of money for these industries.
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