Summer begins! Circuit board manufacturer to remind you the car beware of these things

by:Rocket PCB     2020-06-08
After summer, the temperature rise gradually. Outside the average temperature is at least 35 ° c, and the car after the sun insolates, will rise to more than 50 ° c. Improper use or do not pay attention to is easy to pose a safety hazard, and even lead to dire consequences, such as spontaneous combustion, the car items explosion, fire, etc. Inside some of the commonly used items are likely to become dangerous goods of life. 1, lighter needless to say, you know, especially in the window. Lighter 2, mobile phone, charger some hobby photography owners often with a camera, video camera in the car and spare batteries. This is very dangerous. For some electronic products, such as digital cameras, MP3, cell phone, etc. , all of this kind of goods from high precision circuit board factory production of circuit boards and other components, long time exposure, although the possibility of explosion is very small, but it is easy to damage of these electronic products. The battery in the car is more dangerous, high temperature conditions will happen bulge cells even in danger of explosion. 3, carbonated soft drinks, perfume car phone charger cable high temperature can make soda drink, such as perfume, hair gel seal container items easy to heat expansion, and easy to heat degree is very high also, the expansion of the volume is much greater than those dangerous goods above, that is to say, these carbonated drinks are most easily in the car accident, though not what explosion, spontaneous combustion of big problem, but think about it, have a bottle of coke in the car is wanton jet, the car will be what kind of horror, I'm afraid it had better want to tidy up all difficult. Carbonated soft drinks, perfume 4, reading glasses, magnifying glass reading glasses and a magnifying glass can't in the car. Because reading glasses belong to convex lens, easy to light together, if long time to focus light, lead to focus the temperature too high, in addition to accelerate the aging degree of interior, serious still can roast bad plastic plaque inside the car and even lead to car spontaneous combustion. Principle is the same as the magnifying glass and reading glasses, can focus the light and cause temperature rise of focus. Therefore, summer such items can focus the light also want to clean up out of the car. Glasses 5, food, medicine, medicine, food won't explode, but too high temperature will speed up their process of metamorphism and corruption, maybe you looked at the manual has not expired, but because the car's baked, metamorphism in advance, and then turned into a bomb in your stomach, light run for several days, or send to hospital, food poisoning such miserable future who also don't want to enjoy it, so if the accessory with these things, it is important to note that can't carry for a long time. Medicine summer car small common sense parking place to park in a cool ventilated place, to prevent water, lightning protection. Be careful see the weather forecast and parking low-lying areas, regular check, don't wait for vehicle fails to repair, installed in the car OBD diagnostic instrument, can predict vehicle fault, early mobile remote monitoring the car condition, eliminate the potential risk in advance. Rocket PCB as a professional supplier of PCB circuit boards, focus on high-precision double-sided/multi-layer circuit board, HDI board, thick copper, blind hole buried plate proofing and small batch, high frequency circuit boards and PCB board production. High precision circuit board manufacturers ( The trilateral half orifice)
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