source: explosives found in suspicious packages packed powerful punch

by:Rocket PCB     2019-12-21
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A source close to the investigation told CNN that two packages found abroad to the Jewish organization of the United States contained a large number of explosive materials that could trigger a strong explosion. U. S.
Officials believe al-Qaida, often known as AQAP, is behind the plot.
President Barack Obama confirmed,-
Intercepted in the UK and UAE--
Al-Qaida is based in Yemen on the Arabian Peninsula.
\"We also know al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula. . .
He continues to plan attacks on our homes, our citizens, our friends and allies.
In a statement on Saturday, Dubai police said explosives in packages to be delivered on FedEx were \"professionally\" loaded in packages, and connect to the phone chip hidden in the printer through the circuit.
According to WAM\'s official news agency, the statement said: \"The plot style is similar to the attacks carried out by terrorist groups such as al-Qaida before . \".
Another suspicious package found at East Midlands airport in the UK has a \"rigged\" toner cartridge with white powder and wires and circuit boards, a law enforcement official said.
Sources close to the investigation said that the type of material found in these devices was PETN, a highly explosive organic compound belonging to the same chemical family as nitric acid glycerin.
Just 6 grams of PETN is enough to blow a hole in the plane\'s fuselage.
PETN is alleged to be one of the hidden bomb parts of Umar Farouk AbdulMutallab, and Nigerian men are accused of attempting to blast bombs as Northwest Airlines Flight 253 approaches Detroit, Michigan, December 25.
Abdul Mutalab allegedly carried 80 grams of PETN in that botched attack. -
Al-Qaida activities in the Arabian Peninsula are also considered.
In contrast, the source said that the PETN of the two devices found on Friday was more than double the original.
The sources also said the devices appeared to have been detonated by mobile phones with the help of a small number of second unidentified explosive substances. The cell-
Telephone theory was seconded by a wireless engineer to a major engineer in the United States. S. -
According to CNN\'s request, he analyzed photos of one of the devices.
\"This size and shape of the PCB (
Printed circuit board)
Typical representative of mobile phone type devices, \"wrote Olivier Clegg, manager of mobile hardware application engineeringphone-
Part manufacturer.
Both packages were shipped to the United States, \"particularly in Chicago\'s two Jewish places of worship,\" Obama said \".
These packages have led to an increase in the number of cargo aircraft and trucks searched in multiple countries in the United States. S.
According to law enforcement officials who know the investigation in detail.
White House counter-terrorism secretary John Brennan said, \"the materials found and the devices found are meant to cause harm.
Brennan said the discovery of the package was completed with the help of Saudi Arabia and issued a statement thanking the country for \"helping to develop information that will help highlight the threat in Yemen \".
\"A source with first-hand information told CNN that the Saudi Arabian government provided the United States with tracking numbers for the two packages, allowing for quick tracking to the UK and Dubai.
Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee, D-
California, calling the potential plot \"a new novel ---
This is something that could be explosive using FedEx and UPS aircraft.
\"The Transport Safety Authority released the suspension of all packages from Yemen in the United States on Friday afternoon, and shipping companies UPS, FedEx and DHL all said they had complied with the order. Sen.
Susan Collins, a senior Republican on the Senate Homeland Security Committee, told CNN that she was very concerned about loopholes in the system to screen goods entering the United States, saying that, there is a credible source of intelligence that does not warn suspicious packages and they may not have been detected by standard security procedures.
According to John pistoller, director of the United States Transportation Security Administration, Collins said intelligence officials do not yet know if this is part of a larger conspiracy, but she does think that al-Qaida is \"continuing to test for loopholes in our security system, and it does seem that there are loopholes in the system in which we ship goods.
A law enforcement source said: \"After discovering the package on Thursday night and Friday morning, the authorities are following other packages shipped from Yemen at the same time.
A Yemeni diplomat in Washington says his government is fully open.
A large-scale investigation into the incident, but it is too early to guess or draw any conclusions.
Obama said counter-terrorism officials took the threat \"very seriously.
The Department of Homeland Security said it had \"taken steps to strengthen security\", including \"enhanced cargo inspections and additional security at airports \".
\"On Friday, some Jewish religious leaders in Chicago were told of potential threats, said Linda Heather, a spokeswoman for the Chicago Metropolitan Jewish Federation.
\"We got this notice earlier this morning,\" she said . \".
\"We are taking appropriate precautions and we recommend that the local synagogue do the same.
Rabbi Marvin Hill of Simon visenthal Center, Los Angeles, California, said that if the synagogue is indeed the intended recipient of the package, \"It\'s just another sign that we live in a dangerous world where Jews are the main target. \" Meanwhile, U. S.
The authorities seem to be most concerned about checking cargo planes.
UPS spokesman Mike Mangeot said investigators checked two UPS planes that landed at Philadelphia International Airport in Pennsylvania and Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey.
The authorities later gave \"all-
The traffic safety administration said, \"both airports are very clear.
The United States Transportation Safety Administration says the authorities are acting out of \"high caution \".
CNN\'s Paul crookshenk, Eden Pontz, Mark Norman, rose Levitt, Jenny metherf, Susan candaiotti, Caroline Pat Carol clarty, Chris Lawrence, Ellis Rabot, Pam Benson, and Alan Minov contributed to the report.
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