Smartphone sales growth slows to 14% in 2017

by:Rocket PCB     2019-09-09
Counterpoint Research, an analysis firm, estimates that smartphone sales slowed sharply in 2017 once they grew at an alarming rate.
This phase, which began in 2011, made India the world\'s fastest-growing major smartphone market in 2013, when the market more than doubled to 44 million phones.
By the beginning of 2016, signs of a slowdown could be seen.
In this year, the growth in shipments fell from more than 100 in 2015, and in this year, the market has exceeded-million mark.
Shipments in 2016 have been affected in the past two months.
It is expected that the bill ban in January and early February will last for several weeks, and smartphone shipments will be normal in 2017, but may remain at 130-
0. 135 billion throughout the year. This is 10-
Shipments of 0. 118 billion mobile phones were higher than last year.
The influx of 4g --
LTE feature phones with practical applications and easier Web interface have weakened the growth in smartphone sales last year.
Reliance\'s Jio Phone has reversed this trend by providing easier access to online content.
Other Indian handset makers such as Intex, Micromax and Lava are also targeting this segment of consumers.
According to Counterpoint, these efforts will increase Internet users in China from 0. 5 billion last year to 0. 42 billion.
A recent study by the Mobile Marketing Association and Kantar IMRB found that almost functional mobile phone users do not intend to switch to smartphones on their next purchase.
75 of the respondents came from the upper and middle social classes.
According to the economic classification, the study shows that it is not the only factor that keeps consumers away from smartphones.
In 2018, emerging trends such as mobile phone manufacturing and rising average selling prices will become mainstream.
According to Tarun patak, deputy director of Counterpoint Research, the phones sold in the country are nearly assembled locally.
This year, the focus will be on the complete elimination of manufacturing (ckd) and the deviation from half
(SKD) production declined.
\"Localization of components such as printed circuit board components will be facilitated.
In addition, the market for refurbished and second-hand mobile phones is expected to grow in 2018 . \"
In 2016, consumer demand for better phones increased, and the average selling price of smartphones rose to Rs 10,000.
In 2018, the figure is expected to rise from the average price of Rs 12,000 in 2017.
According to patak, Rs 15,000 may become a \"sweet spot\" in the smartphone market \".
In addition to some cases, smartphone users in India are already far away from bundled sales.
This trend may change this year and may change the industry dynamics.
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