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by:Rocket PCB     2019-08-18
After many efforts
Working hours, you have finally finished the PCB design and are ready to send it to the board Manufacturing Company (
Jaycon system).
But how do you make sure that the PCB you just designed can meet your expectations when manufacturing?
In this article, we will give you some simple but effective tips on how to make your PCB look like it worked the way you sent it to the manufacturer\'s time.
If you are reading this, it is likely that you are already familiar with the Eagle CAD software for designing the pcb.
If you don\'t, there are hundreds of tutorials out there that can teach you how to use Eagle.
Today, we will no longer focus on how to design a pcb, but on what to do after the design is completed.
Let\'s take the following circuit shown above (Fig. 1u200a—PCB Layout)as an example.
This is a very simple circuit that turns on the LED whenever the button is pressed (Fig. 2u200a—PCB Schematic).
The first thing you can check is shorts.
These are caused by the overlap of two or more tracks on the same layer.
Just clear all the layers in the layer settings except the top layer. Fig. 3 —
Top level: this is a very simple way to visually check the board to make sure the traces are good.
You can even apply Ratsnest to see your layout better. Fig. 4 —
Now let\'s take a look at what a short film looks like: Picture5 —
Short PCB: you can see that it is easy to find short ones with this technology.
Our second suggestion is to click on the components on the schematic and move around to make sure the network is connected.
Sometimes it looks like the network is connecting components, but this is not always the case.
If the network connected to the component moves when you move the component, then the connection is good.
Otherwise, delete the net and paint it again.
In some cases, the network is not connected to the component, but is connected using the name function-
As shown in the following example: Figure6 —
In this case, you can check the name of the network (
NET1 in this example)
It\'s the same wherever you use it, or you can use the Show function to highlight the network anywhere in the schematic
As shown in the following figure:7 —
Another way to check the PCB design is to use a software called ViewPlot
Can be downloaded directly from their official website.
ViewPlot is a free CAD software viewer that allows you to view the Gerber file of your design.
To use it, just open the ViewPlot and drag and drop the Gerber file you want to view.
For example, let\'s look at the top and screen printing layers of our circuit: Fig. 8 —
ViewPlotIf we compared Figure 1 and Figure 8 and we can see that everything looks the same except the text \"Jaycon Systems.
\"In ViewPlot it seems to move to the right and interfere with.
Although it looks good in Eagle, in real life the track will be as shown in ViewPlot.
This is mainly because this is the Gerber File-
Not Eagle file-
Which is used by PCB manufacturing companies.
To fix this you have to go back to Eagle and move the text away from via and generate a new Gerber file.
This is three simple steps you can take to check your PCB design without having to go through the DRC of Eagle, which can sometimes get more complicated.
Be sure to review the design before sending it out for manufacturing.
It doesn\'t take a long time to follow these simple steps at all.
A simple error, such as a disconnected network, can cost hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars when you mass produce a motherboard.
Don\'t forget --
If you need help with PCB design and/or manufacturing, please contact Jaycon Systems immediately.
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