sanmina-sci plant in north may close

by:Rocket PCB     2019-11-10
Sanmina-International IT component manufacturer
SCI has said that jobs in Cork
After announcing that it may lose as many as 300 positions at the Lisburn plant in Co Antrim, basic operations are safe. The company —
Its global headquarters in San Jose, California-
Yesterday, it was rumored that the company would move the Northern Ireland factory, which makes shells or cabinets for computer equipment, to Hungary.
The company said in a statement that it would enter 90-
The results of the one-day consultation period were \"a potential shutdown of the operation of its Lisburn shell system \".
The facility employs about 300 people and has been linked to financial difficulties for some time.
It is also one of the major local employers. Sanmina-
There is also an Irish facility in SCI
Located in fumoy.
There, the company focuses on system assembly and printed circuit board assembly (PCBA).
No unemployment is expected in that operation. “The Sanmina-
Fermoy\'s SCI facility is an independent commercial entity located in Lisburn.
In another statement yesterday, the company said: \"The announcement about the possible closure of the Lisburn plant will not have any commercial impact on the factory in fumoy . \".
The Fermoy factory employs more than 700 employees.
Following Sanmina\'s 2002 merger with SCI, it closed its system assembly business in brancarstown, Dublin, losing 130 jobs and working with Fermoy\'s factory. try {_402_S }
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