samsung electronics loses $12 billion market value on smartphone worries

by:Rocket PCB     2019-11-12
Samsung Electronics Co. lost $12 billion in market value last Friday and was hit by a downgrade by brokerage firms, highlighting concerns about a slowdown in its flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone sales.
Shares fell more than 6 after two recent divestitures
The decline in the S4 version has raised concerns about the impact on its mobile business margins.
The report also states that arch-
Rival Apple will start trading
Iphone show.
New divestiture
The decline in the S4 model will help expand its lead in the global smartphone market and push back Chinese competitors, but some worry that the South Korean tech giant\'s profits are traded in numbers.
High sales momentum, analysts say
The final version of the S4 has slowed and has become the best-selling smartphone since its release at the end of April. \"Sales of high-
Terminal phones lag behind expectations and are lowto mid-
Jin Yang said: \"Terminal mobile phones are selling rapidly worldwide
Chen, analyst at Sinhan investment
\"As the low partto mid-
Growth in Samsung\'s mobile phone business is expected to expand, which has also raised concerns about falling profit margins and slowing growth.
Bloomberg News quoted people familiar with the matter as saying: \"Apple will launch a project this month to allow users to exchange their old iphone for the latest model, the first time the company is preparing to launch a new version of its smartphone.
Apple is widely expected to announce a deal for an old iPhone --
Growth prospects in the scheme and launch of a new cheaper iPhone (Samsung\'s)
Jin Xian said: \"The smartphone business has darkened.
Yong, analyst of E * trading securities. \"Second-
Quarterly results will be stable, but we have to see if this trend will continue.
Samsung\'s share price finally fell 6.
14 trillion, at its lowest level in four months, brought its market value to 210 won. 2 trillion won.
It was the biggest one-day drop since the end of August, when the stock fell more than seven percentage points in the US stock market. S.
The jury found that Apple violated Apple\'s patent.
Samsung, which is close to the market value of major exchanges, helped push up the main stock index 1.
Suppliers of smartphone parts have also been hit.
The downgrade of brokerage business this week includes 4.
Samsung cut its price target to 2 cents.
Youli Securities 0 million won.
The company notes that profit growth in Samsung\'s mobile business, which accounts for about its total revenue, is weakening.
It also lowered its earnings forecasts by 2013 and 2014 per share.
2% and 11.
7, respectively.
JPMorgan Chase lowered its revenue forecast and said it had cut its monthly orders by 20-
30 to 7 per cent-
8 million due to weak demand in Europe and South Korea, from July.
Among the battered smartphone parts suppliers, camera module maker Joan fell 11 percentage points, while PCB maker Interflex fell 10 percentage points.
Manufacturers of digital optics and camera lenses have dropped by 12 percentage points.
Fitch Ratings, the rating agency, also said on Thursday that it did not intend to upgrade Samsung\'s A rating in the medium term because of its heavy reliance on volatile consumer electronics markets, especially mobile phones.
\"Samsung has yet to prove its\" creative \"innovation, that is, in addition to its strength in manufacturing technology, to launch a product or market segment that previously did not exist,\" Fitch said . \".
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