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by:Rocket PCB     2019-11-28
John Knopp, an innovative electronics manufacturer, has received public attention as the head of the \"desire\" consortium, the first step in the project to send a British rocket into space, launched in last October 7-
From Thetford, norfolk, 2,500 feet kilometers into the air.
In 1937, he was born in wake Ford, Essex, and is the seventh child of the seventh child.
His father, a clarinet player from a military band, died when he was four years old, and as he remembered, he left the family, in a big house, almost penniless, very cold, if there is no distribution, there is nothing to eat.
He is very good at primary school mathematics and science. He passed 11-
Plus the exam, he entered a middle school where he got five O levels.
Here, when he finds a clever mental arithmetic method that enables him to compete with hand-held electronic calculators for speed and accuracy in certain operations, his considerable intellectual talent becomes
This achievement won the admiration of his teacher and later became an outstanding living room trick.
Unfortunately, he never recorded the process of the theory of round numbers as he said, and the relevant meaning he saw in the 137 \"magic number.
The National Service Bureau saw Knopp in the RAF;
As a radar technician, he joined the Army for another 10 years, which made him very happy.
In addition to seeing Cyprus\'s activities and being parachuted to Suez, he served as captain of the service cricket team and played table tennis for England.
What\'s more unusual is that his belief in the tranquility of ufo\'s existence stems from this time, when he was in fast-
Moving unknown objects
After leaving the RAF in 1965, he joined IBM for 10 years in computer host maintenance.
In 1975, he began making printed circuit boards in his garden cottage for the electronic organs he was building for his daughter.
This in turn led to the establishment of Knopp Electronic Services Co. , Ltd. in Braintree, Essex, in January 1, 1976, to provide printed circuit boards to the public
Consumer electronics market.
The company is booming and expanding rapidly, especially during the period from 1982 to 1986, products such as televisions and telephones have been widely produced in the UK.
Although the company has won many Supplier Awards in terms of product quality, as of 1992, there are two factors that indicate the difficult times ahead.
First, the price is getting higher and higher
In terms of sensitive industries, the main competitors are manufacturers from the Far East, mainly South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia and India.
Secondly, since the end of 1980, the use of integrated circuits in consumer goods has increased, leading to
Side plates, where the circuit is printed on both sides of the plate, not on one side.
Enter Double-
The production of the double panel needs to invest about 2 pounds in the new technology, which is impossible.
Instead of facing the future that ultimately led to a sharp decline in the number of uk pcb manufacturers, Knopp began to develop a whole new approach, which he called \"pre-board etching \".
It took him three years to bring the process to a state of complete reliability.
Then, he faces social complications that make a conservative industry believe in his credibility;
In one case, one of the largest companies has spent millions of dollars on research labs with the support of a very large team of scientists, but it is ultimately concluded that this approach is not possible
Early 1990 was a frustrating time for Knopp, but with two more important consumer electronics manufacturers in Europe trying and testing his approach and verifying its superiority, he was gradually recognized.
In addition to obtaining higher quality than the competitive process, the new method is clean in the environment due to no emissions of contaminated chemicals.
In an industry that is notorious for polluting, he is very proud that his factory has not discharged any sewage into the sewer for several years, not even connected to the sewer;
In addition, since the new process allows all water to be treated and recycled, the demand for water is small.
If he was still alive, he would certainly have won a major environmental award because the etching before the plate was processed has now been licensed worldwide --
It is widely accepted by major consumer electronics manufacturers in the UK and abroad.
In John Knop\'s life, it is possible to see the continuation of the industrial revolution of the past few centuries, in which skills and intelligence far exceed paper qualifications.
Although not officially trained, he has maintained a positive interest in many other fields of science and engineering where he has never been afraid to take risks and is recently producing hydrogen for hydrogen
He supported the power engine of basic university research;
In reproducing an electrostatic experiment in Kelvin, he named it \"thunderstorm experiment \";
At the request of his friend, late Jeffrey Pado, to provide space and financial support for the Aspire amateur rockets, former project manager for the blue stripe ballistic missile program and chairman of the Royal Aviation Society, the Aspire 2 rocket was successfully launched;
In the work of Len Head and others
Voltage electronic therapy, Knopp\'s energy and plans open up many new possibilities at the right time, which will be acknowledged.
At Braintree, one will remember his generous support for many charities, clubs and events, including the company Concert Brass Band.
As a result of these events, he received local recognition in 1994 for the outstanding community support Business Excellence Award from Braintree District Council.
Electronic Manufacturer John Frederick David knopop: Born on June 28, 1937 in wake Ford, Essex;
Married 1963 Christine tenniffe (one daughter);
Died in Essex in May 26, 1997.
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