mum-of-two killed in tumble dryer fire after beko failed to recall model which had already caused twenty previous fires

by:Rocket PCB     2019-11-19
A survey report said that after a manufacturer failed to recall a model responsible for 20 fires, the two were killed by a faulty tumble dryer.
On February 7, the tragic Mishell Moloney, 49, was found dead under a duvet beside her bed by her 30-year-old daughter Jodie and sister Tracey.
According to a survey report, a small fire broke out in the Beko dryer in the kitchen of the Mibe House in rebury, Birmingham.
Emergency service personnel rushed to the burnt property but the fire was put out as family members managed to force in.
Despite the efforts of the medical staff, Mishell was declared dead at the scene.
The pathologist found out.
Time care staff died due to carbon monoxide poisoning and smoke inhalation.
The Birmingham and Solihull area coroner Emma Brown was told that the printed circuit board of the 8 kg-capacity dryer caught fire.
The Birmingham Coroner\'s Court heard that Beko still did not recall the product, despite receiving 20 reports of the same DCS 85W model fire.
The company also admitted that it had recalled two smaller products of the same series after complaints caused 100 fires.
Andrew Mullen, quality control manager at Beko in the UK and Ireland, claims that the reported fire was caused by problems with capacitors rather than circuit boards.
He testified: \"I don\'t think we have a flaw in the disputed dryer.
\"The main reason in almost all cases is to run the capacitor.
\"When asked by the coroner why the dryer was not recalled, Mr. Mullen said that the situation had been decided to be monitored following a risk assessment.
He added: \"The guidelines recommend that we conduct a risk assessment and we do look at the possibility of fire occurrence, which will be discussed with the trading standards.
\"We looked at the number of events we had on sales, the severity of these events, which occurred within 10 to 20 minutes of the first use of the dryer.
\"We believe that the risk of injury is very low and a risk assessment is carried out on this basis.
When asked by Mishell\'s family lawyer, Jack Murphy, why Beko recalled 6 kg and 7 kg of the dryers, but did not recall 8 kg of the dryers, Mr Mullen added: \"This is because we saw a lot of incidents early in late 2012 and early 2013, which we did not see in 85 W.
\"We saw a small number of events at 85W much later and spread over a longer period of time.
\"On this basis, we conducted a risk assessment and discussed it with the trading standards and decided that we would monitor it.
\"The investigation heard that the tumble dryer purchased by Mishell in October 2012 has been discontinued.
However, Mullen admitted that despite the deadly fire, it was still not affected by the product recall.
He added: \"As part of the range change, the particular model was discontinued last year.
\"We \'ve been thinking about it and having a discussion with the trading standards, but our current position is that it\'s a very tragic event, but it\'s an isolated one.
\"In terms of the balance of probabilities, we know this is caused by the dryer, but we still don\'t know why.
\"Investigators have heard that the fire was completely extinguished when the firemen arrived at the house of Mishell, a full-time employee
Joshua, her 17-year-old partially deaf son, took care of her time.
Fire investigation officer at West Midlands Fire Department James MacDonald told the coronerof-
When she was shrouded in smoke, the two were in bed.
In his testimony, he said: \"The staff found no obvious signs of fire, and the nursing staff was already inside.
\"There was soot stain on the bed, which indicated that she was lying on the bed when the fire broke out.
\"The carpet next to the pillow and bed is stained with mucus soot.
\"Where Mishell is lying, the soot protection clearly shows where she is.
\"She was lying in bed when the fire happened, and at some point she realized there was a fire and tried to get out.
\"There is a small fire in the kitchen, after careful inspection, there is a tumble dryer under the unit in the kitchen next to the washing machine.
\"It was a very local little fire in my experience. It (the house)
It\'s cold, no fire, no smoke.
\"It has completely destroyed the tumble dryer and affected other items in the kitchen.
\"A careful inspection of electrical equipment will indicate that the tumble dryer is in a closed position.
\"Mishell may have turned it off when he thought there was a problem, because after careful inspection, the washing machine turned off half of a cycle.
\"It was filled with washing and water.
\"There are many clothes neatly laid across the stairs, and Bannister is upstairs on the first floor.
They are quite dry.
\"The assumption used at that time was because the washing machine was halfway through, as if there was a problem with the tumble dryer, and she took out the clothes and turned them off. \"It\'s feasible.
Spokesman forBeko said the company no longer holds shares of this particular model.
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