Introduction to the classification of the circuit board factory dongguan summary

by:Rocket PCB     2020-06-23
How much do you know about circuit board have? Who knows PCB circuit boards and how many? Our PCB manufacturer is by no means ordinary circuit board, is made up of circuit board factory to produce high quality PCB, PCB circuit today Rocket small make up to a circuit board factory dongguan classification summary meeting, with the help of a circuit board factory for many years experience and more active in recent years experience in dongguan circuit board factory, hurry up to learn! To introduce the first PCB is copper-clad r. p. panel and circuit board industry in dongguan, sheet is one of the most basic of PCB circuit board material, is also the major circuit board factory first purchase object. PCB circuit boards, Double-sided printed circuit board) A, PCB copper clad ( CCL) Rigid CCL is divided into: 1, the classification of paper substrates, ring fiber cloth base board, composite material base board, special type, paper substrate B, ring fiber cloth substrate D, special type 2, substrate material ( 1) Mainly used in a circuit board factory, usually the use of electronic level non-alkali glass cloth, commonly used models have 1080, 2116, 7826, etc. B, c impregnating fiber paper, copper foil according to the classification method of producing copper foil: rolled copper foil and copper foil electrolysis copper foil thickness of standard has: 18 um ( HOZ) 、35um( 1OZ) And 70 um ( 2OZ) In addition has 12 um ( 1/3OZ) High and the thickness of copper foil on the market, in the circuit board industry these are all necessary data and materials, PCB circuit board production and dongguan in this area is a special control circuit board industry data. FR - 4 glass fiber board generally divided into: FR - 4 rigid circuit board, the common thickness 0. 8 - 3. 2毫米; FR - Four thin printed circuit, common thickness less than 0. 78mm。 FR - 4 the general technical indicators are: glass fiber board sheet bending strength, peel strength and thermal shock performance, flame retardant performance, volume resistivity and surface resistivity, dielectric constant and dielectric loss tangent, glass transition temperature Tg, dimension stability, high temperature, warp, etc. 3 and a half, curing ( Prepreg or PP) PP is composed of a resin and reinforced material to material. The resin is semi curing is the stage of 'B' of resin. Commonly used PP adopts FR - circuit board factory Four and a half curing. 4, composite base CCL is mainly divided into CEM - 1 ( Epoxy base paper core material) And CEM - 3 ( Epoxy glass fiber non-woven fabric core) Two kinds. And FR - 4 is the main difference between substrate between the specific core material, its various performance and FR 4 were similar, each have advantages and disadvantages, mainly manifested in CEM in the processing performance and heat resistance of hot sex than FR - 4. The general technical indicators and FR - CEM 4 the same. Dongguan circuit board factory and various parts of the circuit board factory, PCB production process is going through a lot of process to produce, and is more active in recent years, dongguan circuit board factory, after the lesson you learned to the summary of the meeting?
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