Introduction to circuit boards welding plate welding away. What should I do

by:Rocket PCB     2020-06-21
See some friends will ask PCB solder welding out to do, what should I do? Dongguan proofing circuit board manufacturers in the production of PCB production time also encountered the same situation, today will be the dongguan Rocket PCB circuit of small make up when meet this kind of situation summary of some experiences to share with everyone. Circuit board when soldering welding plate loss due to welding time is too long or repeated welding temperature is exorbitant, circuit board solder copper inflation will fall off repeatedly, to pay more attention to this when welding to prevent more loss. Bonding pad of PCB will fall off cut with a knife cut to not loose, to prevent circuit chipped along, if your device pin long enough, can cut off the circuit after the joint scrape off insulating paint, good solder will vision pin welding here. If your PCB circuit board components pin is not long enough, you can use a thin wire for soldering along the solder hole through the welding pins in component, on the other side welding in the welding plate and the use of hot melt adhesive joint fixed to prevent welding off again if your PCB solder the loss is very serious not appropriate to the above method is the way you can also choose to fly line, to lead a head welding on the desoldering device pin, the other end connected to welding the weld plate and sealing off in any of the solder joints. If there is a way to bypass, sealing off the pin welding plate element around the same element on the line, you can directly to the device pins soldering on the pin component, abandoned the original welding plate, of course, when welding must see not welding string a prevent burn out components well, today the dongguan proofing PCB manufacturer small make up will be when it comes to the first, that is to share the information, I hope you can understand more knowledge of circuit boards, you have a friend need to purchase PCB, please contact me!
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