Industrial robots replace artificial what are the advantages in the PCB industry

by:Rocket PCB     2020-08-12

Industrial robots in the PCB industry replace artificial what are the advantages? With the auto industry and other manufacturing, industrial robots in the PCB industry instead of the artificial bring many advantages. 1, reduce labor, speed up the work, improve work efficiency. Robot can realize high speed repetitive operations, can be much higher than manual work, resulting in improved work efficiency and reduce artificial cost and management cost. 2, improve operation precision, improve the quality of products. Robot can take advantage of the programming and the visual system, to achieve accurate positioning and repeat precision, effectively improve the quality of the product. 3, effectively reduce the material consumption rate. 4, optimizing operation process, reduce the operation space. 5, 24 hours of continuous operation and under the black light environment. 6, avoid the working environment of workers health and safety of potential threats, and save the environment safety. 7, reduce repetitive, boring process efficiency and quality of workers to the influence of state and the accident rate of decline; 8, can make the flexible manufacturing process. Future PCB industry will be more and more small batch orders, the use of industrial robots can greatly enhance the flexibility of production and achieve fast delivery of orders. 9, brand image and credibility. The application of industrial robots make circuit board manufacturers to further enhance the automation level, promoting product quality, production efficiency, cost control, progress of responsiveness, etc, improves the whole competition strength of the circuit board manufacturers in the industry. Industrial robot PCB industrial robots in the PCB industry application prospect of the application of industrial robots in PCB industry has just started, also faces many problems need to be solved. PCB industry many line is a standard product, in the process of robot application subject to the limitations of existing space, is limited by the ability of original equipment, in the face of the influence of different factors in the PCB material, but also promote the intelligent robot, the application of various sensor should also consider for factory training a batch of robot can be operation and maintenance staff. 1, the existing plants is given priority to with local application, the overall planning, setting up new factory will do direct import and applications of AGV robot. 2, through the combination of industrial robot and the Internet of things, will make more intelligent and flexible manufacturing process. 3, from the simple application to the AGV robot such as the application of combined with other intelligent equipment. Most of existing between process production line material transfer to manual operation, can be distributed to the robot and AGV orderly combination to achieve material transfer. 4, from a single station or single application, to more than line applications. Existing PCB enterprises want to comprehensive introduction of robot to realize automatic production is difficult, need to spend a lot of money, but can have the condition of single station and single step by transformation, after being achieved significant results, and gradually expand the application range.                                

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