ifastpcb going to put more emphasis on pcb prototype base material

by:Rocket PCB     2019-12-16
China -
IFastPCB, a Chinese-based company that aims to increase its overseas operations with more than 2000 PCB prototypes and manufacturing companies, recently announced a series of plans to surpass its competitors.
Among the many plans announced, the most prominent is their plan to place more emphasis on the selection of high quality base materials and micro-materialsvia technology.
The owners added that as Chinese PCB manufacturers suffered a huge blow during the global economic crash, they wanted to bring demand --
Develop a production-centric policy.
\"We want to pay more attention to the choice of basic materials and micro materials.
Because these elements are indispensable in the PCB manufacturing process.
As the largest PCB manufacturer in China, it is our responsibility to produce high quality materials.
Therefore, the choice of basic materials is crucial.
For example, the substrate we use in the HDI board is very thin and the recommended thickness of this material is less than 3mm.
On the other hand, automatic
Electronic products need to be made of high-calorie base materials
Resistant and very reliable.
\"Semiconductor packaging requires basic materials such as high flatness and small hole spacing,\" said a chief engineer at China PCB prototype . \".
The engineer also said that they will pay more attention to micro
Through technology this year.
\"We will pay more attention to the research and development of laser drilling, plasma etching, mechanical drilling, drilling, chemical etching and jet perforation,\" the engineer added . \".
But at present, his company mainly uses laser drilling and mechanical drilling.
The CEO of IFastPCB met with the media in Guangzhou the day before the launch of the new series.
The CEO said that as they recently overhauled production facilities in southern China, they are now able to improve the quality of their products.
He said that the company\'s main goal this year is to improve PCB manufacturing and manufacturing technology.
About iFastPCB is a leading company
Operating PCB prototypes and manufacturing companies in China.
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