Guangzhou PCB proofing, PCB board, small and medium-sized plate - batch system Ding circuit allegro technology PCB factory

by:Rocket PCB     2020-03-25
Guangzhou PCB PCB circuit board matters of common guangzhou rapid production of 1, as the provincial capital of guangdong province in guangzhou, the PCB circuit board factory is less, high precision PCB making quite a price is too expensive. 2, the PCB board factory pollution on the larger, some of the larger PCB factory outside to move to mass production. 3, want to find a suitable process of PCB factory is rare, even if some factory can produce precision of PCB is no advantage in price. The creator of the PCB is Austrian Paul le (love Paul eisler) In 1936, he first adopted the printed circuit board on the radio. In 1943, the United States, more people will use the technology in military radio, in 1948, the United States formally ratified the invention can be used for commercial purposes. Since the mid - 1950 - s, printed circuit board began to be widely used. Printed circuit board appears in almost every type of electronic equipment. If you have any electronic components in a sample equipment, so they are set on the sizes of PCB. PCB's main function is to make all kinds of electronic components forming order circuit connection and function of the relay transmission, is the key to the electronic products, electronic interconnection, is regarded as the 'mother of the electronic products. Rocket PCB Solution Ltd to provide you with professional proofing proofing and printing circuit board PCB, PCB, multilayer circuit board proofing, PCB, 1 - 34 layer PCB board, HDI board, PCB batch system board, circuit boards, circuit boards, PCB board factory, circuit board factory, circuit board factory!
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