General single-sided PCB - can be washed Poly (ding circuit PCB board manufacturer

by:Rocket PCB     2020-03-31
A lot of friends may not know PCB can be cleaned with water, the following: add: (PCB board factory 火箭PCB解决方案有限公司) To tell you something about about: general single-sided PCB can be washed clean. General single-sided PCB PCB can wash can be washed? General single-sided PCB can be washed, because single-sided PCB requirements is not high, so the production process can be washed with water, double-sided PCB and multilayer PCB board can't wash. How to maintain good after wash? This is a critical problem, PCB easy oxidation, best to use alcohol or detergent to wash again. If there is dirt on the PCB, it is suggested that wipe with alcohol or water proof, not water, so the quality is guaranteed. Note don't wash after double sided PCB drilling, multilayer PCB can't enter the water. The above content by: PCB board manufacturers: Rocket PCB Solution Ltd, to provide you share! Rocket PCB Solution co Ltd is a professional: PCB manufacture manufacturer, to provide you with: PCB proofing, batch plate, 1 - 34 layer PCB board, high TG board, impedance board, HDI board, Rogers plate, microwave plate, radio frequency (rf) board, LeiDaBan, thick copper foil board, such as PCB manufacturing production of various kinds of technology and material. Welcome to consult customer service for more details.
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