gen i1 is a smart golf ball that can help improve a player\'s putting

by:Rocket PCB     2019-09-07
Playing golf really makes people nervous.
Golfers calculate in their heads, considering the slope and the weather, but that\'s not always enough.
Sometimes the ball misses the hole at a weak distance or stops at the edge.
With smart golf like Gen i1, golfers can learn something about what went wrong.
Developed by Coach Labs, Gen i1 is a built-in 9-
Shaft sensor, on-board MCU and Bluetooth radio.
This allows the golf ball to measure the initial direction, speed, impact and rotation of the ball.
In addition, the ball is equipped with a sensor that can be placed on the putter.
This can track backstroke, forward batting, speed, and club face angles.
The sensor can work in series to show the cause and effect of the player\'s batting and batting.
Make sure a 9-
Jason Koo, founder of Axis Labs, works with top aerospace engineers and shaft sensors can be installed in real golf with printed circuit board components.
It is important that Gen i1 be weighed like a standard performance golf ball.
Any deviation will destroy the purpose and effect of the putter training.
\"You know, amateur players miss 6 putters on average within 6 feet of each round,\" guyong koo said in a statement . \".
\"Putter is the only club you use on each hole.
So by practicing Gen, we can help you lower your score and make the game more fun and fun.
Smart phone applications can enhance the overall experience.
With it, users can view easy-to-understand metrics and training tools.
Once someone makes an account, Gen i1 accesses their skill level and offers a custom practice plan that will both entertain and improve their skills.
These games and training challenge golfers while creating a routine to improve square, distance control, and accuracy.
Players can even try to simulate their favorite lessons with people from all over the world in a comfortable living room.
Gen i1 can be used for pre-
$99 order on IndieGoGo.
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