elon musk\'s spacex rocket heading towards asteroid belt after overshooting mars\' orbit

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Elon Musk\'s super
The rocket has flown and flew over the orbit of Mars, deeper into the solar system than originally planned. His cherry-
Red Tesla, carrying a dummy, detonated Bowie\'s Life on Mars. It should go a way around the sun and take it to the orbit of Mars.
Looks super-
The powerful rocket, which has twice the launch power of any previous rocket, is more than this orbit, and now it has pushed Tesla to a orbit that extends between Mars and Jupiter.
The inventor\'s rocket is twice that of Saturn\'s No. 5 rocket, which sent humans to the moon during the Apollo era.
Tesla\'s video shows it cruising in space for six hours to see the Earth from the perspective of Elon Musk\'s old car.
The rocket should have a final engine burn before launching the car into the final orbit, but it looks like the engine is a bit too powerful.
The rocket\'s power shocked planetary scientists and left a deep impression on them: the successful launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket shocked tens of millions of viewers, and Musk was also very happy. He told reporters before, he is an opportunity for success.
He said before the launch that if the rocket exploded without damaging the launch pad, he would think it was a success.
However, the audience saw the rocket launch seamlessly into Mars in the air, the most spectacular feat some have described as 1960.
Hopefully this progress means we can take a great step in space exploration, including launching more complex, heavier robots on the surface of Mars and beyond Jupiter, Saturn and their satellites.
Due to the overspeed of the engine, it is not clear what will happen to the car.
Elon Musk has previously said the car is likely to hit the surface of Mars on the expected path.
However, despite the unexpected trajectory of the rocket, it has shown that it can push objects deep into space.
In addition, many scientists hope to mine asteroids as raw materials one day, so the inventor has shown that he can put objects into the asteroid belt, which may be encouraging for them.
President Donald Trump praised Elon Musk and wrote: \"Congrats @ ElonMusk and @ SpaceX for successfully launching the Falcon Heavy rocket.
With @ NASA\'s business and international partners, this achievement continues to showcase American ingenuity in the best possible situations!
\"Nasa also congratulated Musk company Space X, which uses its launch pad.
NASA\'s acting director, Robert letterford, congratulated the entire SpaceX team on the successful launch of the Falcon Heavy rocket.
\"All of us in this business are aware of the efforts that need to be made to drive any new car for the first time and recognize the great achievements that we are witnessing today,\" he said . \".
\"I\'m really proud of the hard work of our NASA team, especially Kennedy, because they\'re going to turn into a multipleuser spaceport.
Looking at the Falcon\'s dramatic rise above the historic launch pad, the launch point for so many key missions, does prove the hard work industry of our country\'s launch infrastructure in supporting commercial launches.
Bob Kasana, director of the Kennedy Space Center, also congratulated shuttle X on launching the Falcon.
\"The successful launch of a new car during the first flight is a major achievement that they can be very proud of,\" he said . \". \"As a multi-
User space port, I look forward to the continued expansion of Kennedy\'s commercial space and the inclusion of a new class of launch vehicles into our national space program.
British scientist Richard Dawkins wrote on Twitter: \"Many people congratulate @ elonmusk, a visionary scientific friend and of course the greatest engineering designer in the world.
Musk himself seems to be in awe of what his company is doing.
After the launch, he admitted: \"It\'s surreal to me.
\"He also said that he had a view of its failure, and he explained:\" I saw a huge explosion on the mat, a wheel beating on the road, a Tesla sign landing at some point
But fortunately, this is not the case.
The inventor shared a picture of the car in the car on social media showing the board saying: \"Humans are made on Earth.
He wrote: \"printed on the circuit board of a car deep in space.
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