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According to Judy Rodrígues of Greenpeace, \"Our goal is to build a society --
A broad understanding of the need to reduce the use of waste paper and help consumers, large and small, take action to really reduce the use of waste paper.
In June 09, 2008, about 50 non-European
The government and environmental organizations have launched a project to solve the problem of excessive paper consumption.
They invite individual and enterprise paper users to commit to reducing paper consumption on the site shrinkpaper they created for this purpose. org.
About 42 of the wood produced worldwide is used for paper and paper making.
If we can eliminate the demand for paper in the future, we can greatly reduce the rate of deforestation.
The development of electronic paper technology, such as electronic ink launched by e-ink companies, will bring us closer to a greener future.
In this article, let\'s take a look at the technology of electronic paper and its progress.
What is electronic paper?
Unlike the LCD, LED or CRT display system, electronic paper technology attempts to achieve clarity, contrast and ease of viewing of ordinary paper on electronic displays.
The technology behind electronic paper has been around for thirty years.
It\'s at Xerox Park (
Palo Alto Research Center). Nicholas K.
Sheridon of Xerox PARC has created a new display technology called Gyricon (
Greek for \"rotating image)
Has become the foundation of modern e-commerce.
Paper Technology.
The ideal modern electronic paper should be like ordinary paper, with high contrast and low power consumption;
It should also be thin and light.
Electronic paper display (EPD)
It is light and can be folded or curled while still retaining the image.
Also, the Environmental Protection Agency should not lose the image even if there is no power.
These concepts are used to produce products such as Fujitsu\'s fabric PC, a laptop using an electronic paper display;
It is very light and not easy to damage.
Electronic ink technology there are two companies at the forefront of electronic ink display technology-
Cambridge E Ink, Massachusetts (
Recently acquired by Prime View International in Taiwan)and Xerox (
Through its subsidiary Gyricon Media)
Palo Alto, California.
The display technology of E Ink has been widely used in Amazon Kindle, Sony Reader, iRex iLiad and many other electronic devicesbook readers.
E Ink\'s electronic Ink uses a transparent liquid plastic with millions of tiny capsules (
Almost the diameter of one of our hair)
Spherical objects.
Capsule contains white-
Color and blackcolored chips.
The White chip is positively charged and the black chip is negatively charged.
This electronic ink is applied to the Super
Thin plastic sheets containing tiny printed circuit boards.
The circuit can selectively paste e-
The ink makes the chip move, thus changing the display.
Electronic paper: Future Business Weekly recently reported that the production of electronic reading equipment will increase from one.
There were 1 million units in 2008 and 20 million units in 2012.
According to Vinita Jakhanwal, an analyst at iSuppli, the annual cumulative growth rate is about 105.
The development of electronic paper technology is accelerating with the popularity of e-commerce.
Read gadgets.
Oprah Winfrey\'s show supports Amazon\'s Kindle, which Oprah calls \"her favorite device,\" making the Kindle very popular among book readers.
E Ink Corporation and Prime View International jointly support about 20 electronic products
Book equipment manufacturers including Amazon and Sony.
According to digital book readers,
The introduction of ink technology into home use, school curriculum, library facilities and commercial use provides a win-win approach
Win the game if all angles are good.
The biggest drawback of a computer monitor is that it is not as readable as paper;
It\'s too bright to strain your eyes.
That\'s why people still like to print paper.
On the other hand, electronic paper looks exactly like paper.
This technology will completely change the way people read books.
You can have small hand-held readers of hundreds or thousands of books that are as readable as ordinary printed books.
Books tomorrow will never be damaged.
Once the reader becomes popular, traditional printing will become history.
You can download the books you purchased directly to your readers so that you can save a lot of money on time and money.
The distribution of newspapers and magazines will also be in a new way --electronically.
Electronic ink can be printed not only on plastic plates, but also on ordinary walls, T-shirts, tablecloths and almost any surface.
So in the future you can change your wallpaper by clicking a button.
Conclusion The most important advantage of electronic paper technology is that paper is no longer needed, and tree cutting is not required for paper production.
Therefore, electronic paper will bring us closer to a better and greener world.
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