Economic daily: conditional immediately halt production of PCB enterprises face mask

by:Rocket PCB     2020-05-25
A cover is hard to find, peoples '. For days, a new type of coronavirus infection pneumonia outbreak of surging, masks have become epidemic prevention and control of 'standard', is 'the first line of defense' personal protection. However, due to the sudden and catch up with the Spring Festival holiday, the current frontline staff masks and other protective products still struggle to meet demand, the masses, but also the country reflect 'a cover is hard to find. At this point, it is necessary to emergency appeal: immediately halt production in condition of textile enterprise expansion of civil respirators. Because of the spread, the market demand of masks in explosive growth. On the one hand, in the hospital, the medical personnel directly exposed to the forefront of the new type of coronavirus indulge in wilful persecution, protective masks are needed most, and protect the medical personnel is the key to against a novel coronavirus. At the same time, the masks are consumables, according to the prompt epidemic protection need four hours to replace a. Announced recently, many hospitals nationwide fundraising announcement, masks and other protective supplies ran out, the medical field has been facing huge gap; On the other hand, our country has a population of 1. 4 billion, from the city to remote rural areas have great mask demand, masks protective outbreak is not only a tool, even more important items become calm. In particular, the Spring Festival travel peak is coming, mask can sufficient supply directly affects the effectiveness of disease prevention and control. Disposable surgical masks fortunately, our country is the world's biggest exporter of masks production and production accounted for about half the world, the largest production capacity reaches more than 2000, ten thousand every day. Since the outbreak, from relevant ministries to the relevant enterprises are concentrated and overcome every difficulty, pushing mask work overtime recovery capacity of production enterprises, the production has reached more than 8 million a day, return to work and production reached 40%. But there are 60% of the capacity remains to be restored. To speed up the recovery capacity is still a priority. But to see is that even if the original masks all recovery capacity, relative to hundreds of millions of huge demand, still can be a drop in the bucket, can't satisfy people's urgent needs. And at the same time, we have a large number of textile enterprises have the requirement of production face mask and ability, can quickly switch to produce qualified virus protection mask, for civilian use, stable. Special period in the current civil war 'disease', promote more textile enterprise production expansion of civil respirators, to win the epidemic war provides sufficient material basis, is both a work meet the demand of market economy, but also a political stability of the pressing task, need attaches great importance to the relevant parties and the resultant force to promote, center. It is understood that production of respirators need common health gauze, non-woven, superfine melt-blown polypropylene fiber raw material, the upstream raw materials manufacturers have comprehensive return to work capacity can support more mask production completely. To halt production expansion in condition of textile enterprise faces some difficulties and problems in the process, such as access qualification, special equipment, raw material supply, the worker return, recruitment, etc. , related departments should set up the green channel, actively help docking, speed up the solution, the more resources and power into the mask production supply of the event. It is worth noting that while masks returning to expand capacity, but also to solve masks and distribution of 'the last kilometer' problem, and make a mask sales market controls. Had appeared some people rushed to stock up the phenomenon of speculation profit more lawless elements to a high price. Expanded civilian respirators supply cannot be some tools of making a profit, to strengthen market supervision, to investigate and punish wrongdoing prices, maintain the market order. In order to strengthen the management of demand rationing, prevent plunder, stock up, give more people a chance to buy a mask products. Rocket PCB as a professional circuit board factory, focus on high-precision double-sided/multi-layer circuit boards, advanced HDI board, thick copper circuit boards, blind hole buried plate proofing and batch, high frequency circuit boards and PCB board production. Which contains in the high-end electronic products SMT/PCBA processing such as core business. Double-sided printed circuit board ( PCB circuit boards)
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