components suggest 2009 downturn in electronics

by:Rocket PCB     2019-10-04
One way to solve how the electronic market will work is to look at the forecasts for components and retail.
If the company does not buy parts, then by definition, there is not enough product to keep sales steady even if consumers and businesses want to buy.
From this perspective, the situation looks grim next year.
Start with one of the basics of electronic equipment: printed circuit boards (PCB).
According to Prismark, an analysis company, 2008 of PCB sales will reach the lowest growth rate since 2002, and PCB sales are expected to decline by 6.
5% per cent in 2009.
The total swing range is about 10%.
Prismark recommends flexible pcb and high for use in camera
Terminals and smartphones will continue to grow, but this is a more limited market.
ISuppli has cut this year. over-
Annual semiconductor dollar growth is estimated to rise from 4% to 3.
5, and say there are even more opportunities and even more shortcomings.
Memory is beating.
Due to excessive investment in production capacity, at least in some types of memory there is oversupply, which leads to lower prices, but demand is also beginning to slow down.
The analytics company expects that semiconductor ASSP or application-specific standard products that provide critical functionality for many different devices will increase, but suppliers will suffer as memory sales decline.
There are also signs that parts that are not too Strange may be creaking.
Earlier this month, operating profit from Yoshida manufacturing fell by more than half as capacitor sales fell.
Popular News Democratic debate \"heartbeat\" bill litigation family planning interview Capital One default the price of the larger LCD panel has been declining due to slow demand and overall economic outlook.
The company is approaching selling the panels at cash cost, which means they will lose money because the cash cost cannot cover expenses such as overhead costs.
If panel demand is low, sales of laptops, desktops and televisions will decrease.
In short, while there may be some bright spots in terms of individual products, the electronics industry in general seems to be in trouble.
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