Circuit board manufacturers have what advantage

by:Rocket PCB     2020-06-15
General circuit board design and production process requirements are very high, the higher the number of layers in a more difficult. Suitable for use in the more complex circuit. So what is in the use of the advantage of the circuit board, to learn together with the advantages of the circuit board are: high density, small volume; The shorten of connections between electronic components, signal transmission speed; Convenient wiring; For high frequency circuit, to join the ground layer, make the low impedance of formation constant line; Shielding effect is good. But the higher layers, the more cost, longer processing period, quality testing more troublesome. In addition, from a cost point of view, the same area as the cost comparison, although the cost of the multilayer circuit board is higher than single circuit board, but if the circuit miniaturization, convenience and reduce the noise and other factors into account, the multilayer circuit board and single PCB cost difference of the two is not high, as expected. Although batch multilayer affects the cost per unit area of printed circuit board, but still does not have 4 times the price difference, if there is more than four times the price difference, as long as you can try to reduce the use of the circuit board area, and tried to fall to a quarter of the following can double panel. We usually use four layers PCB or common computer interface card six layer circuit boards, but now has more than 100 practical printed circuit board. Six layers of circuit board and circuit board is the difference between the four layers in the middle, the ground layer and the power supply to have two internal signals between layers, thicker than the four layers of circuit board. PCB etching multilayer circuit board production multilayer circuit board is actually made good pieces of single or double sided PCB panel board after laminated, glue them into a. Double sided PCB board is easy to distinguish, look for the light, in addition to the two sides go line, other place is pervious to light. For four layers PCB board and six layers PCB board, because the circuit board of the layers of very closely, if the board with the corresponding tag, there is no good way to distinguish. For radio this simple circuit, the use of single-sided PCB or double-sided printed circuit board manufacturing. But with the development of microelectronics technology, greatly increased the complexity of the circuit, the electrical properties of the circuit board is also put forward higher request, if also adopt single sided PCB or double-sided circuit boards, circuit volume will be very big, also brought great difficulty to cabling, in addition, the electromagnetic interference between the lines is not good, so there is a multilayer circuit board, Layer on behalf of several independent wiring layer, is usually an even number) 。 Multilayer circuit board manufacturers of multilayer printed circuit board of the conductor graphics have more than three layer or three layer, layer with inner and outer conductors. Lining is completely caught in multilayer circuit board inside the conductor patterns; Outer layer is laminated on the surface of the conductor graphics. The general production to processing the inner conductor graphics, to suppress the processing hole and outer conductor graphics, is to rely on metallized hole connected between layers.
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