celestica ceo sees honeywell aerospace deal as \'move up\' for global manufacturer

by:Rocket PCB     2019-10-09
Honeywell Aerospace will achieve about 330 full
Time staff located in Ont Mississauga.
Tianhong company. (TSX:CLS)
According to the new contract between the two companiesToronto-
The Celestica-based plant will rent out space in Honeywell\'s plant center and manage manufacturing staff who will work closely with Honeywell engineers located in the space around the same plant.
Celestica CEO Craig Muhlhauser said Honeywell\'s deal allowed Celestica to \"enhance the value chain\" to carry out final assembly and testing of products from commercial and military aircraft. The U. S.
The Federal Aviation Administration has also certified Celestica to repair and overhaul its aerospace products and systems manufactured in the Mississauga Sharjah area.
\"So it offers a wider range of opportunities and capabilities that we can bring to Honeywell in a wider market, then eventually bring these opportunities and capabilities to other customers, muhlhauser said in an interview.
Honeywell\'s deal will make the Toronto area the focus of Celestica\'s aerospace and defense \"center of excellence\", one of several industries that the company serves by manufacturing printed circuit boards and providing design and other services.
Muhlhauser also said on Tuesday that Celestica is expanding its capacity for alternative energy systems, particularly solar systems.
Projects where the Ontario government encourages greater use of carbon alternatives
Basic fuel is coming to an end, but Muhlhauser said Celestica will take what has been learned to a broader market driven by the US, China and Japan.
In addition to a production line, Celestica will also transfer all such products to Asia, where the company will produce solar modules, which Muhlhauser said will meet the needs of the United StatesS.
Tariff requirements-free imports.
\"We will continue production in Toronto to meet local needs,\" Muhlhauser said . \".
With Celestica reporting its first agreement, the Honeywell agreement announced
Including quarterly results of about $1.
3 billion of its revenue comes from its global manufacturing network.
According to compay in the United States, Celestica\'s net incomeS.
The currency fell 47 to $19.
Its adjusted net profit was $7 million, down 33 million.
Net income was 11 cents per share, and adjusted net income was 19 cents per share, all below analysts\' estimates. Revenue was $1.
298 billion, also lower than Thomson Reuters estimates.
Meanwhile, Celestica announced it plans to buy back its publicly traded shares to write off up to $0. 35 billion.
\"Why do we believe in our strategy now.
\"We think our stock is undervalued and we are returning value to shareholders who are confident in Celestica,\" Muhlhauser said . \".
\"In the second quarter, each of our business units is growing and we expect to continue to grow throughout the year.
\"These announcements were made prior to the opening of the market and prior to Celestica\'s annual general meeting of shareholders.
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