apple suppliers’ surging revenue suggests new iphones will be released on time in september

by:Rocket PCB     2019-09-12
According to a report by technology, with the recent strong growth in revenue from Apple\'s suppliers, mass production of the new iPhone is expected to be in full swing. qq. com.
This means the release of iPhone 7 s, iPhone 7s Plus and 10 th
According to the report, the anniversary of the iPhone 8 or iPhone X in September is in progress.
Citing information from the technology site Digitimes, the market\'s high expectations of the iPhone 8 are expected to improve Apple\'s supplier\'s revenue performance in the second half of this year, and some suppliers may set new monthly or quarterly records.
Common Interface Solution (GIS)
Apple suppliers of integrated touch
Show solution, get 12.
New NT dollars ($426. 69 million)
Revenue rose 149 in July.
The sales report for GIS says this year is. Printed-circuit-
Compeq Manufacturing, another supplier of Apple, registered NT $3. 9m and NT$4.
Revenue of 5 million in June and Julyon-
Growth of 27. 81 and 22.
According to the company\'s financial report, this ratio is 88.
In addition, Flexium Interconnect, Apple\'s flexible printed circuit board manufacturer, and Catcher Technology, the iPhone\'s overall shell manufacturer, achieved strong revenue growth in June and July, according to their monthly sales report
The technology company reported that the number of new iPhones delivered to Apple by the Apple Factory will increase significantly in August. qq. com said.
The company expects Foxconn Technology Group, Heshuo and Weichuang, the three design and manufacturing services that assemble the iPhone for Apple, to create new revenue records in the third quarter of this year.
The iPhone 8 will be equipped with OLED screens, while the iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus will be equipped with older LCD screens, the report said.
The biggest challenge for Apple is to guarantee the supply of the iPhone 8.
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