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Apple is an American multinational company that designs and manufactures consumer electronics and software products.
Apple computers, iPod and iPhone, known for their hardware products.
For a variety of computer users, the company defines the PC industry, driving technological innovation and changing the perception of personal computing.
Since then, 1976 has reinvented itself several times while developing and enhancing Macintosh, affecting the computing world every time.
Macintosh or Mac is a personal computer product line designed, developed and sold by Apple after its launch in 1984.
Now, let\'s take a historic trip to see how the evolution of Mac has led to the Apple revolution.
Apple is an assembled circuit board that lacks basic features such as a keyboard, display, and housing.
Sold as a motherboard (
Using CPU, RAM and basic text-video chips)
Less than what is considered a complete personal computer today.
Apple, which I listed in July 1976, is already on the market. priced at $666. 66.
Apple II was launched in April 16, 1977, with TRS-
80 and Commodore PET because it has color graphics and an open architecture.
While earlier models used regular cassette tapes as storage devices, they were replaced by the introduction of a 5 1/4 floppy disk drive and interface disk II.
In 1981, Apple released lisa for $10,000 and was considered one of Apple\'s most disappointing products.
In many ways, it is more advanced than the Macintosh system at the time, such as it contains protected memory, collaborative multitasking, a typically more complex hard disk-based operating system, a built-in
In the screensaver, advanced calculators with paper strips and RPN support up to 2mb of RAM, expansion slots, and larger high resolution displays.
Mac 128KApple launched the Macintosh in the famous 1984 Super Bowl advertisement, with a beige shell containing 9-
Inch display with keyboard and mouse.
It sells for $2,495.
It uses 8 MHz Motorola 68000 microprocessor, 128 kb dram, 64 kb rom chip to boost effective memory to 192 KB.
Mac II retail for $3,898 (
For CPU units only)
The Macintosh II was the first \"modular\" Macintosh model to be called because, like many PCs at the time, it had a horizontal desktop chassis.
It introduces space for the internal hard disk (
Is it 20mb or 40 mb)
And optional second floppy drive.
This is Apple\'s first attempt to make a battery-
Portable Macintosh PC with desktop Macintosh power supply.
It was released in September 1989, excited by most critics, but very poor sales to consumers.
B & W active with a price of $6500-
Matrix LCD screen, ergonomic keyboard, trackball and lead
Acid battery with a life of 10 hours.
To maximize battery life and provide a low-power sleep mode of \"On Now\", it uses expensive SRAM.
On January 7, 1997, Apple released a limited edition of the second anniversary of the Macintosh (TAM)
At the MacWorld Expo in San Francisco
The TAM is priced at $7,499 with a 250 MHz 603e processor 12.
1 \"active matrix LCD with 2mb VRAM, 4x CD-
ROM, 2 gb ata hard drive, Apple floppy Super drive installed vertically and TV/FM tuner S-
Graphics card and custom
Bose sound system.
It has a trackpad, not a mouse, which can be separated from the keyboard if needed.
When not needed, the keyboard can slide under the head unit of TAM, exposing the trackpad for continued access.
IMacIntroduced in 1998, a series of iMacin-
A Macintosh desktop computer.
The first original form of the IMac G3 is egg-
CRT display shape surrounded with color translucent plastic.
In the second revision, the iMac G4 moves to the design of the semi-spherical base, which contains all the main components and installs the LCD display on the free-moving arm attached to the top of the base.
The G5 and Intel iMac put all the components behind the display, creating an ultra-thin design that only slopes up and down on a simple metal base.
Earlier this year, Apple updated the products of the iMac, including the NVIDIA chipset and the new Mini-DisplayPort.
In January 15, 2008, the company launched an ultra-portable MacBook Air, the world\'s thinnest laptop, for $1,799.
The MacBook Air features a silver finish with 13. 3-inch LED-
Backlit Widescreen display with 1280x800 pixel resolution.
It weighs about 3 pounds and has a thickness of 0. 16-0. 76 inches. It is 12.
8 inch wide, 8. 95 inches deep.
Several functions were sacrificed to reduce the size and weight of the computer.
This is Apple\'s first laptop since PowerBook 2400c.
In a removable media drive.
It also omits FireWire ports, Ethernet ports, lines-
Security slots in Kensington.
The battery is inside;
The user is not removable and RAM is welded on the motherboard.
Mono includes a speaker.
It has been modified once since its initial release.
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